Monday, April 15, 2013

When dad is away...

The kids and I will play...with my phone that is! Since spring seems to be refusing to visit us we can't get out and play:( This week's forecast: cold and rainy with a chance of snow on Friday. Ugh.

So dad isn't really AWAY away. He is just gone studying more these days because Step 1 is less than 2 months away! Aack! Only 2 months until THE TEST! The test that can be our ticket to the residency we want. Ya know closer to family OR somewhere warm where we can go out and actually play:)

Side note: Joe is doing awesome studying for Step 1 in addition to all his regular med school studying. I am the one freaking out...the test just seems too big and too important and too soon! The fun bonus of this extra studying is that in the evenings I have been quizzing him on the classic presentation of diseases. Fun (and admittedly sleep-inducing:)

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