Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Story time

This girl was cracking me up during pre-nap story time. The thing is she likes to "read" to me by looking at the pictures. Her version of the Bible was quite unique...

"I was born to you. I am your son. Moses and his Ark."

"He was so sad that he had a tie. These are his friends. They are so angry."

"I am Jacob. I fell and died. I am so sad I died. "

We ended our story time with Dr Seuss' ABC Book.

"I can read it in Spanish too. {Loooooong pause as she thinks about what she just said.} I don't do Spanish!"

She then proceeded to quote most of the book! I was impressed. I didn't realize she had so much of it memorized.

Her final quote, "I am a good reader. Dada will say that's a good reader. Me."

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