Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Test

Today is Joe's last regular test of his M2 year!!!

No he isn't done for the year.  He still has many, many tests this school year including shelf exams and the BIG boards exam.  But this is his last regular ole' med school test.  And that is enough reason for us to celebrate! It feels like a victory. One step closer to the goal. 

So for tonight we celebrate. Ice cream and balloons! I even pulled out the banner the kids and I had made after his very first test.

Tomorrow the studying will resume and we will all jump back on the seemingly never ending medical education bandwagon. 

I am learning to enjoy these small victories. The moments that I can see/feel like we are moving closer to the end (even if that 'end' is far, far away....). I need to enjoy these small victories and hold on to their memories for all the hard and trying moments in between.

Joe brought home gifts for the kids...sidewalk chalk! He didn't even know about the party. He is just that good of a team player:)



  1. Visiting from Medical Mondays! Congrats on 1 more test down! Woohoo!! - Chrissie @ Pursuits of a Witty Life

  2. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays! Congratulations on yet another test down. Why must there be so many???? Probably because we need reasons to celebrate with ice cream. Cookies and cream? I kind of have a thing for ice cream:-)

    1. 3 cookies n cream and 1 cake n sprinkles! Good eye:)

  3. You are so right! Must celebrate even the smallest victories in life!! Yay!!!
    Thank you so much for linking up with us for Medical Monday! I hope you'll join us next month:)

  4. Visiting from MM - celebrating the small victories is what keeps us going! Congrats!


  5. Aww! I hope he knows how lucky he is to have YOU! Congrats!

  6. Visiting from MM... congrats to your man on finishing another exam! Every single exam is absolutely worth a celebration... they don't call them golden weekends for nothing! Enjoy it! :)

  7. You definitely have to celebrate the mini-milestones! It's so easy to get bogged down in all of this and I'm sure your hubby really appreciated the excitement and special family time! It's always time for ice cream! Visiting a little late from MM - you'll get through the rest of those exams and I'm sure have even bigger better reasons to celebrate!

  8. Thanks for linking up! Your family is adorable! It says great things about your hubs that he brings gifts home when HE'S the one that passed a milestone, you've got a good one there! Definitely keep celebrating these milestones, it'll make the rough patches easier :D

    Much love!

  9. Thanks for stopping by ladies! He is a pretty great guy - the kids and I are spoiled by him. Just last night he took the kids for 3 hours just to give me a break even though he was mentally exhausted after a 3 hour shelf exam!

    And we love to celebrate. Ice cream just makes any moment good:)