Tuesday, April 2, 2013


11 days and {approximately} 1500 miles later we are finally home! It was a great trip but home is pretty great too:) Especially being reunited with Joe. The kids appreciate seeing him in person and not just on the 'puter.

Now I feel like we are detoxing. Back to reality. Post-holiday blahs.

The kids are missing their all-you-can-eat snack buffet and movie marathon that 4 days of driving provides! (Minus the driving and confinement I kind of miss it too...kind of.)

The kids are missing having a whole mess of cousins to play with. And wide open spaces to explore. And fun holiday activities. And doting grandparents. And tractor rides.


I miss all those things too. Plus I miss having long {mostly} uninterrupted adult conversations. And big meals that were prepared as a group. And playing cards while kids and babies slept. I miss being together as a family.

But home is good too. Once we get back into our routine that is...

Oh and today we start our next adventure...cloth diapering. 


  1. Thanks for joining Medical Mondays! I miss family a lot too since medical training keeps us from living close. Great pictures!

    1. Once a year we make the big haul to South Dakota! The drive can feel somewhat like torture...but it is so worth it spend time with family! I only wish my husband could join us...
      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Yeah. My family is sadly used to not seeing my husband at any family reunion. Hopefully that will change at some point.