Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to NOT eat.

Charlotte is quite talented at NOT eating all day...every day! I seriously don't know how she manages to not  eat and have the energy of the Energizer Bunny! I know I am exhausted just trying to keep up with her during the day and I DO eat...probably too much. Seriously baffling.

I decided to document this talent. So for one day I recorded everything she didn't eat. This day was chosen at random.

Step 1: Lick the frosting off your cereal. Do NOT eat actual cereal portion. Give cereal to big brother.

Step 2: Ask for more cereal.  Once wish is granted, mix cereal in milk cup until it is a big enough mess that mom takes it away.

Step 3: Repeatedly ask for snack until mom gives in. Eat one half graham cracker.  Then proceed to make another mess so mom takes it away.  Make sure to feed the baby her breakfast.  And ensure that she eats every last bite!

Step 4: Pick sausage off pizza and eat. Do not eat the rest of the pizza.  Eat the tips off half a dozen strawberries. But do not eat the entire strawberry!

Step 5: Beg for a snack when dinner is nearly ready and insist you can NOT wait 5 minutes to eat. Eat entire string cheese like a civilized toddler:)

Step 6: Completely ignore the big beautiful cheeseburger your dad grilled for you (the first of the season). Ignore the tator tots as well.  Devour the brown sugar laden squash.

Step 7: Spill milk everywhere essentially rendering yourself a big sopping mess and completely uninterested in anything other than a bath...

Step 8: After you are all clean and tucked in bed, repeat the words, "I am hung-gary" over and over again. Even though 5 minutes prior when your parents asked if you wanted a bedtime snack you denied any hunger!

Well of course you are hungry my managed to consume next to nothing! Her grand intake for the day included:

Frosting from cereal + a handful of cheerios
1/2 graham cracker + a sip of milk
Sausage + 6 strawberry tips
1 string cheese
Butternut squash

And a piece of bread in bed:) Because we aren't cruel.


  1. She and Drew would get along great! I swear sometimes all that he gets through the day on is his milk. So frustrating!

    1. Gotta love gummy least then you know they ate getting some nutrients! I have had to give up stressing about it because otherwise I would be perpetually stressed:)

  2. Ha ha, looking forward to that :)

    1. Yep definitely not the funnest phase:). Hopefully your sweet girl skips it!