Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cloth diapering

Here are my *expert* opinions/observations on cloth diapering an entire 48 hours into this experience:

-They really aren't that different from disposable diapers. Except instead of throwing them in the trash they go in a laundry bag! Which might result in our garbage can being nearly empty every week from now on...
-They are super easy! We have even managed to go out in "public" with them. Thank you MOPS nursery workers for being so great with my baby and her "weird" diapers:)
-The first day I did have two very minimal leaking incidents. A little adjusting to find the correct size with the snaps and we have been leak-free since!
-Cloth diapers definitely make her clothes fit differently...or not fit:) I really need to pull out bigger clothes for her! Until then Hannah may look a little goofy:) Cloth diaper + jeggings = quite the fashion statement! I even had to loosen her carseat straps to allow room for her larger diapers. Oh my!
-Constipation and cloth diapering work well together. Minimal mess!
-They are super soft and ADORABLE!

These observations were made BEFORE I have laundered the is laundry day. Tomorrow I might be singing a different tune...

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  1. Yikes - I washed and DRIED the dryer!!! And now they seem to be leaking everywhere...I think I failed much for being an expert:(