Thursday, April 18, 2013

Losing it.

I hate very much dislike losing stuff.  Anything really. It doesn't have to be anything big or important. Just knowing that that I don't know where it is drives me bonkers. I am not exaggerating when I say that I will waste hours searching for things that I have misplaced. And not always things that I necessarily need. I have been known to spend an entire afternoon looking for a toy just because I don't know where it is/haven't seen it in a while.  Not because a child actually wants to play with it! Ridiculous but true! If I think something is lost I get A) frustrated and impatient and B) irrationally single minded on finding it.

Enter Exhibit A:

That nice blue Marmot fleece jacket Isaiah is wearing....look real close:) It was given to us on Sunday.  A generous and wonderful hand-me-down.  Isaiah loved it. I loved it. It fit and was seasonally appropriate. Yay!  This picture was taken Tuesday as we walked Isaiah to school after which the jacket has not been seen again.  And trust me, I have looked! In his classroom, cubby, school's lost and found as well as the gym's lost and found. And yes, I have even asked his teacher if she has seen it.  All to no avail. 

Which has resulted in me being frustrated and impatient with Isaiah. Urg. Why can't he just keep track of his stuff?!?! Well because he is 5 of course!

But really I know he can keep track of stuff.
Enter Exhibit B:

This {ugly} camo jacket + cardboard medal + cardboard bracelet has gone to school with him every day since and returned home safely!  Really, this is the stuff that you keep track of?!  I mean it is ugly. And pretty much worth...nothing:)

 I guess the better question is, why can't I be more compassionate and understanding?  And really, it is just STUFF. I still have my fun, imaginative his ugly jacket:)

UPDATE: the jacket has been found! A classmate of Isaiah's (who shall remain nameless) took it home accidentally:) Alls well that ends well...or something like that, right?!?


  1. It must be genetic. I have a hard time focusing or leaving the house until I locate lost items. I get soooo frustrated.

    1. Genetically speaking it is probably closely linked to the frugal gene...