Thursday, April 18, 2013

I guess I have to keep the couch until I am done having babies:)

My husband often teases me that the only reason I keep reproducing is to have little people to dress up for holidays and compare baby pictures!  Oh if only raising little people was truly that easy and enjoyable...well then I would probably have a dozen (just like my Barbie families as a little girl).  But alas that is not what being a mom is all about.

However it is a fun perk:)

My 3 babies in the same footie jammies at approximately the same age:

Random tidbits:
  • While I was changing Hannah's diaper today Charlotte asked me if she had any "owies on her bum".  Because if she did Charlotte was prepared with a "tub of cream cheese"! Um yeah, that would be butt rash cream not cream cheese:) Close though.
  • The kids were playing down stairs this morning with friends. Yay! Fun! Isaiah came up to announce that Charlotte couldn't play downstairs anymore because she was being too bossy. Charlotte...bossy?  Never before uttered in the same sentence!  Sorry boys.  But way to go Charlotte it is about time you spoke your mind (amidst little people...bossing grown ups still isn't acceptable).
  • Lastly, no wonder I am easily amazed at how much hair Hannah has...see Exhibit A above of my other two baldies! Still a laughable amount but to me she has loooooong dark locks!

One more *teensy* thing. Today my friend told me my bathroom was clean. Correction: she said VERY clean and smelled in clean! What? My bathroom? That definitely had to go down in the records. There is a first time for everything, right? The "clean" is compliments of baby wipes. And the "good smell"? Well that was due to Hannah's overnight diaper that I was ignoring in the bath tub:) It does have a strange ammonia-ish odor...


  1. It is fun to see your kids in the same thing because they look so much alike! Mind would just look like two random kids wearing the same outfit! Plus when they are actually the same age it just isn't the same as comparing to old pictures. Keep up the good work of remembering to take the pictures. I enjoy seeing the pictures of your cute babies!

    1. Ha! Yep your kids WOULD look like just 2 random kids in the same outfit! I guess their is a benefit of having similar looking babies...comparison pictures:) But I do think Hannah looks the most unique. Maybe that is just because she is the oldest in these pictures...I almost forgot to take her comparison picture!

    2. I agree that Hannah looks the most unique....regardless of age.