Friday, April 5, 2013

Traveling Memories

Our Easter dinner was enjoyed on the road and consisted of Lunchables + McDonald's ice cream cones. Yum! When we drove up to the McDonald's drive thru the kids saw the play area and asked to go in. Nope. While Grandpa was ordering our cones Charlotte sweetly asked Grandpa if he could ask the "man in the speaker" if they would PLEASE let us in to play. Still no dice.

I thought my most challenging {logistics related} moment came when trying to figure out how to get us all to use the rest area bathroom in a sanitary fashion. But that turned out to be a piece of cake compared to convincing Charlotte to come down from the top of the McDonald's play area WITHOUT me and Hannah climbing up there!

Upon our arrival at our house, Charlotte hopped down from her carseat, turned around, looked at her carseat that she had just ridden in for 750 miles and excitedly exclaimed, "Mama this is my new seat!". Umm, what? No, not new. Definitely crumb coated and old!

The day after we returned from SD Isaiah asked me, "Mom how long were we at Ella and Isaac's house?". One week buddy. Why? "Because we were there so long it felt like we moved there. I liked it." Me too. I liked it too buddy.

Today while unpacking our bags I discovered not one but TWO books I had packed for myself! I then had a good laugh at my pre-trip self for thinking I would have time to read for fun while traveling with my kids without my husband! Although this book is something I really should read...

In case anyone was wondering the bathroom strategy was as follows:
1. Isaiah goes to the bathroom.
2. Isaiah sits on the floor holding Hannah in his lap (in order for 3-5 to occur) with strict instructions to keep her from touching ANYTHING...especially the floor!
3. I help Charlotte use the toilet.
4. My turn!
5. Charlotte and I wash hands.
6. I take Hannah so Isaiah can wash his hands. (In retrospect this should have been #2. Hindsight is always 20/20.)
7. I change Hannah's diaper.
8. Turn around to discover Charlotte playing with the soggy toilet paper on the floor next to the toilet...
9. Vomit a little.
10. Hand Hannah back to Isaiah so Charlotte and I can re-wash our hands for a looooong time.

Easy peasy.

Oh and Charlotte came down the slide like a big girl with only a few tears:)


  1. Totally feel your pain with the 3 kids in the bathroom by myself...just wait til I have to do it on a plane. I'll keep you posted on that one.

  2. Ugh plane bathrooms are the WORST! I hope for your sake you can avoid it at ALL costs! Here's me wishing you travels without blow out diapers or potty accidents and a really strong bladder for you! Or at the very least very helpful cabin mates and/or flight attendants...