Thursday, April 25, 2013

Goodbye Focus.

Hello Prius.

Yesterday Joe brought home a bag of popcorn for me. The good stuff...think theater popcorn but cold:) I thought that was pretty fabulous. Then he showed me what he brought home for himself...a "new" car!

The thing is the old car had a burnt out headlight, it needed an oil change and the gas tank was nearly empty. So rather than doing car maintenance...he traded it in for a new car! We really dislike car maintenance around here:)

Yes we do hate car maintenance and we try to avoid it like the plague. But that isn't the real reason he bought the new car. We needed a new car. The Focus was definitely on its last leg...errr miles?!? And we wanted to replace it before the situation became emergent!  Joe needs something reliable to get him through clinical rotations for the next two years PLUS the 3 (maybe more?) years of residency. And it doesn't hurt that it we will be saving us $ with its amazing hybrid gas saving abilities...bonus!

The fact that Joe got pulled over for his missing headlight, tipped the situation from thinking-about-buying-a-new-car to actually-buying-a-new-car. Whatever it takes I guess. I am just happy it is taken care of and all I had to do was eat popcorn...and take a spin in the "new" car with my cute husband and daughter!

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