Sunday, November 19, 2017

Friendsgiving 2017

Last night we hosted our third and final residency FRIENDSGIVING event. And it went off without a hitch! No yelling at my husband and kids like a maniac. No mild panic attacks. And no sink gravy. Third time really is a charm:) Our only "problem" was that we had TOO MUCH FOOD. Like seriously too much food. Pans and pans of leftovers that are currently filling my fridge and part of my freezer. The major item that we had too much of this year was mashed potatoes. That's because last year we ran out of mashed potatoes so I may have gone overboard on assigning the mashed potatoes this year. First year we ran out of dinner of course second year we had way too many rolls. Sometimes I panic a little;)

People. People. People everywhere! Our house isn't really meant to host dinners for 70+ people but we make it work.

I'm fairly certain that this kid spent most of the evening digging in the sandbox and/or eating pie. I don't think he actually ate a decent meal, but I can't say for sure. I know he didn't starve and I didn't stress. We call that a holiday meal win!

I do know that I actually ate this the beginning of the meal with our guests. Historically I would be too busy to eat and just grab a plate of food as the dessert came out. But not this year. This year I ate when the food was hot and fresh. And it was delicious.

EM: Lifeguards of the short end of the gene pool since 1967.

I have wanted to make party favors since year one. This year (with the help of moonlighting money) we made that dream a reality. A couple nights ago Joe and I sat down together and decorated mugs with funny quotes about emergency medicine, fall, Thanksgiving, friends and direct quotes from attending doctors. They were a big hit with the crowd. Speaking of crowd, I think I counted 72 people in attendance. Our record breaking year! Being an EM crowd not everyone was there at once. Some had to come early, eat and leave to start their shift and others came later after their shift ended. We attempted a group picture when most people were there. This first one is the one I took - to get the shot set up.

And this next one is the one the medical student took. Disappointing.

 (I might still be a little bitter about his sub-par photography skills)

One of the cheesy quotes on a mug was "Friends are the family you choose". In this case "Friends are the family residency chooses for you" feels a little more accurate description. But seriously I am very thankful for this "family".  That girl in the bottom picture...she's a second year resident and mom and a phenomenal friend. On her one day off during MICU she took my girls for the afternoon so I could get the house ready for Friendsgiving with a little less chaos than usual. That's a good friend.

Residency chose a pretty amazing family for us and we sure are going to miss them when this whole thing is over.

This girl is my favorite turkey. And I sure am thankful for all the crazy energy she adds to my life. Even if she exhausts me most days:)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

no pressure.

Joe has started reading Bible stories to the kids around the dinner table (on nights he is home for dinner). At the end of each story there are a few discussion questions to get the kids thinking and applying the Biblical truths to their lives. After one such story Joe asked the kids about a time they had to be brave or courageous and when no one had an answer Joe started to give an example from his own life (as he has to do most evenings). He was explaining that he has to be brave when he walks into work in the ER because he doesn't know what kind of illnesses and injuries he will be treating.  Charlotte was quick to jump in at this point and state the obvious, "Dad if you make a mistake at work you could kill someone and then the hospital would be mad at you and then you wouldn't have a job!" Sheesh. Way to lay it all out there sweet Charlotte. Just a little pressure.  

These fun pictures are only somewhat related. Last month there was a job fair at Charlotte's school and she REALLY wanted her daddy to present at it. So I signed him up. He was on night shift at the time so he went straight from work to Charlotte's school after his shift. I had wrongly assumed he had next night off so it would be no big deal - he could just sleep later that day after he finished the job fair. WRONG. He had to work that night too. So in the end he just lost 2-3 hours of sleep in order to do this job fair. Oops. I felt terrible. But he did it without complaint. And that pretty much sums him up. The hardest worker and most loving daddy I know. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween: The Residency Years

This past Halloween marked our LAST RESIDENCY HALLOWEEN. It felt like the first of our lasts for residency. Does that make sense? Its like now that we have done our last Halloween here I can start counting down. Not in days. But in months and holidays. Gosh I never thought this day would be here. But alas we are here. Time is goofy like that. It just keeps marching on. No matter what. Even when it feels like the days and years will never pass. They do. And to be completely honest, despite how challenging these past two and a half years have been overall I am thankful to be here. Thankful for this sweet time with my kids and the friends we have made here. So now a trip down memory lane. All our residency Halloweens.

Intern year Joe was on a month of night for Halloween. So our grand Halloween plans consisted of me getting all the kids in their costumes and then waking Joe and he joined us walking around the neighborhood with our new neighbors. Admittedly the trick or treating was only so-so. We did lots of walking for very little candy. Most houses were dark and not passing out candy. Plus at that point we were NOT accustomed to the heat and humidity so it was slightly uncomfortable...

He's the baby. He gets two pictures!

And THAT was Halloween 2015. Our first Halloween in Texas. Hot & sweaty. Slightly underwhelming.

Now Halloween 2016 was kinda a big deal. I created Star Wars themed costumes for our entire family...despite knowing nothing about Star Wars. I even dyed my hair blue. We all got very into it. And it was fun.  Our entire family wore these costumes to the residency Halloween party. And many pictures were taken. 

Then on actual Halloween, the kids and I headed out to the island to trick or treat. Rumor had it that was the best place to trick or treat. And I'd say the rumor is true! Joe was working, but that didn't stop me from loading up my crew and heading out for good trick or treating. It did however prevent me from getting many pictures. Despite having help from residency friends, keeping track of four kids while trick or treating is challenging! 

Challenging. But totally worth it! The Island did NOT disappoint. It was about 2-3 blocks that went ALL out. The houses were decorated. Spooky music was playing. Everyone was in costume. And the candy was plentiful. And the company was great! Oh and there was even a photo booth. Coolest trick or treating ever! (Here is where I admit that 4 of the above 6 pictures are not mine. I borrowed them. Because chasing 4 kids while trick or treating does NOT lend itself to picture taking). Alas we had a good time and that's the most important part.

Which brings us to Halloween 2017. Joe was at an EM conference in Washington DC on Halloween. So I found a trunk-or-treat event for him to attend with me and the kids BEFORE he left town. I mean...I couldn't let him completely miss Halloween, could I?! I however took zero pictures at that event. So its pretty much like it never happened. Kidding. Here are the pictures of the kids I took before that event.

Ok. This one was from our pumpkin carving night. Just had to sneak it in here:)

And then on Halloween morning, Charlotte woke up with pink eye. BOO. I seriously didn't know what to do. Our plan was to go back out to The Island for more trick or treating with residency friends but I didn't want to pass along pink eye. Charlotte go to spend the day with Levi and me at home and then after starting drops and talking to friends we decided to continue our plans as scheduled! Thankfully residency people aren't afraid of a little pink eye. So with my wagon loaded full of waters and snacks and my kids in full costume we headed out to join our friends. Oh and this was the evening I made my debut as Belle! Isaiah and I were: TACO BELL(e). Get it??? 

Once again I wouldn't have had a single trick or treating picture if it hadn't been for friends taking them. I never took my phone out once the entire evening. I did however bring my video camera. As in my old school hand held video camera that I take family home videos with (and eventually burn to DVDs). However I am embarrassed to admit it but my video recording skills these days are pitiful. You know that thing your parents did when you were a kid...that thing where they thought they were recording you but they actually weren't? And then when they thought they were not recording they actually were recording? So you ended up with 5 minutes of footage of the ground and people's feet. Remember that? Well I apparently have turned into THAT parent. I did however realize my mistake towards the end of the evening so I quick took some very boring footage of my kids walking down the street. Not actually trick or treating. And then during the video I said "Happy Halloween 2016".  Perfect. Pretty much should have just left the video camera at home too.