Friday, March 9, 2018

Selling Our Residency House.

1,001 days ago we moved into this house. And slowly but surely we made it home.

Today we put it on the market to sell.

So many mixed emotions with selling this house. I snapped some pictures with my phone right before the professional photographer came to photograph our house. I posted those pictures on instagram along with my thoughts in that moment. Instead of trying to say it all over again I am going to just copy & paste from Instagram....

"1,001 days ago was my first time seeing this house in person. And oh boy did it need help/work (see the last picture). I’ve had a love-hate relationship with this house ever since. Making this house into a home wasn’t easy. But gosh I love it now! And now we are selling it. Our home went on the market today.  It will be sad to say goodbye to this house. A house that has seen us stretch and grow and strengthen as a family. A house where we learned we could do hard things. And not just home renovation hard things 😜. This house has been our refuge and gathering place for family and friends-that-have-become-like-family. So many play dates and impromptu get togethers. Out of town guests and sandy floors from days spent at the beach. These pictures might be just a house but I see the people that have filled it with love and laughter and great memories. People that have carried me through some long residency days/weeks/months. How do you put a price on that?"

To answer my own rhetorical question. You don't. That's why we hired a realtor. We leave that up to him. A year ago I thought this would be a really happy and exciting day. Instead it feels sad. The beginning of the end. I haven't always loved this house or this life here. But I love what we've made of it - both this house and this life. I'm going to miss them.

I just hope someone else will discover this house for the real gem that it is and make a life they love in this home.

Our kitchen the day we bought the house. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Family Valentine’s Date

Last year we pulled the kids from school to go on a family adventure date on Valentine’s Day. This year due to schedules (ie Joe works and I have MOPS) we went on our family date tonight. One night early.

And despite feeling a little under the weather I survived Peter Piper Pizza with the family. 

Clearly everyone else had a blast! Arcades just aren’t my thing. But I really love my kids and for them I can do it:)

Homework and bedtime AFTER our family date was a painful, painful process. Add into the mix the class valentine cards that needed to be finished and I thought it was going to kill me. I just had to keep reminding myself that we were making memories. Building a family tradition. And one whiney bedtime from the kids was worth it. They are worth it. And gosh I love them! Even when they are pushing me right up the edge. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Ski Santa Fe!

Joe had an EM conference this weekend in Albuquerque. He was presenting the abstract to his (required) research project. For those that are curious the topic is: the effect cervival collar placement has on the optic nerve sheath diameter. Which can correlate to increased intracranial pressure. Which is bad. But enough about that.

When Joe first heard about this conference he immediately asked me if I would want to join. Not for the conference of course. But for the time away together. Without kids. And skiing. Without a moment of hesitation I said yes! Though I must admit I didn’t know there was skiing in New Mexico. All I have ever seen of the state (driving home from Colorado) was flat and dry. The time away sounded amazing. I was sold. Plus with my parents wintering with us getting away is easier. Built in kid watchers are the best:)

So off we flew last Thursday afternoon. 

Leaving behind sick kid(s). And homework. And housework. And all manner of responsibility. It was glorious. (Also sorry mom and dad) 

Joe spoke. 

And then we explored. 

Most of our time was spent with another resident and attending physician. Plus the attending has a brother that lives here so we met his extended family. Which was a blast. They are an amazing, generous and incredibly hospitable family. They opened their home to us. They fed us. They even loaned us a vehicle for the weekend. And they were such a fun family. It sounds creepy but I loved watching them interact as a family. They have two teenagers who genuinely like spending time with their parents. They joke and have fun. It was refreshing to see. Joe and I both agree that we strive to be that family! 

And then today we drove out to Santa Fe to ski. Just Joe & I. 

The last time we skied was college. Either freshman or sophomore year. Regardless it’s been over a decade. We were both a little nervous. But excited to get out on the slopes. 

We had lots of laughs (at ourselves!) as we geared up and got on the lift for the first time. I definitely read all the signs and warnings. So much to remember. Also I don’t remember ski lifts being so terrifying 15 years ago... 

We made it up and conquered the bunny hill!!! 

So we moved on to bigger and harder runs. 

Not all the runs were open due to lack of snow. It’s been a warm, dry winter in New Mexico unfortunately. So we definitely weren’t “shredding pow” as the locals say. But we had a blast regardless. Like a wise 17 year old once said “skiing is like pizza. Even bad pizza is pizza. It’s just good because it’s pizza”. I completely agree. Even bad skiing is good. It beats no skiing any day! 

Amazingly neither of us wiped out all day! I mean there was that one time Joe “skied” down part of a blue run on his bum (much to the delight of the onlooking lift passengers). Unfortunately I missed that little show as I had passed him and never looked back. Oops. 

We both agree we are going to be sore tomorrow as we used muscles we haven’t used in years. But it was worth it! 

Let’s hope it’s not another 15 years until we make it skiing again!

Monday, January 29, 2018

The LAST day with a two year old.

This morning when Levi got out of bed the first thing Grandpa Paul said to him was, "Levi today is your last day as a two year old". And suddenly, just like that our ordinary Monday morning turned into something much more monumental. Something that needed to be recorded. Documented. Sealed in my memory forever. My last day having a two year old in my home. EVER. Ready or not this day was here. So I was going to record it.

As luck would have it we had a fairly fun Monday morning planned. Mommy & Me exercise class down by the beach followed by a MOPS playdate at the aquarium. So all in all, not a bad day to document! And Levi was a fairly willing participant in my "must photograph every moment" mission.

He's a Texan through and through. As we were leaving for our morning of fun he told me "Mama I'm freezing. I need my mittens" and insisted I went back into the house for said mittens. It was 58 and sunny! Oh and that sweater remained on him until it was a solid 70 degrees outside. 

Highlights of our day include for me: watching Levi watch the dolphins with pure joy radiating throughout his entire body, enjoying the sunshine and beautiful ocean-front views, and Levi keeping his undies dry all morning while out and about. And for Levi his favorites included feeding the sting ray (he thinks the sting ray was trying to eat his hand!), watching the 4D movie and watching the "baby, mommy and daddy fish" swim (ie dolphins).

Levi is such a fun and joyful addition to our family. I can hardly believe he's been ours for 3 years (tomorrow)! And yet at the same time I can barely remember our life without him! He lights up our family and lives. God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave us this kid. Our bubba.