Meet the Family

  The mom. The blogger. The former Physician Assistant current stay-at-homer. 
Occasional crafter and sewer. Bargain finder. Picture taker. The mini-van driver. Pepsi addict.

The dad. The emergency medicine resident physician. Tireless worker
Dreamer and adventurer. Occasional kayaker and runner. 

  The eldest. Third grader. Avid reader. Lover of legos and star wars.
Constant creator and artist. Thoughtful and kind. Fast runner. Hoarder of "treasures".

Kindergartner. Dancer. Tender-hearted and empathetic. The peace maker.
Rule follower. Our girly girl. Director of imaginative play. Cleaner up-er and organizer.

 Three year old "homeschooler". My mini me. Determined.
Mighty and sassy. Ruler bender and breaker. Comedian. Our helper.

Our baby. One year old. Sweet and serious. Blue-eyed heart melter.
Beach bum. Go with the flow-er. Content. Daddy's little replica:) Mess maker.

And now all the kids together during my attempted sibling photo shoot on Levi's first birthday...

Oh how I love my crew of little crazies! I feel blessed to call them mine.

P.S.  Poor Joe worked all day on our beach day/birthday celebration hence he has a boring non-beach picture. We sure are thankful that he works so hard so we can go out and have fun!


  1. So cute! I would love to have 4 kids! We have twin girls right now! They are 5, and I have baby fever! :) Nice to meet you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Stopping by from SUYL--so glad to "meet" your beautiful family!

  3. Hi, Bear! Thanks for stopping by my blog in the bloghop. You have a beautiful family. I would love follow along a little as it does seem we have several kids close in age. :-)