Friday, April 19, 2013

Our Team

Today I asked the kids if they knew why Daddy goes to school.

Isaiah: To become a doctor.
Charlotte: ....

And what does Daddy have to do to become a doctor?

Isaiah: Study and go to school.
Charlotte: Eat snacks.

Isaiah was not impressed with her answer and tried to correct her immediately:)

So what can we do to help Daddy to become a doctor?

Isaiah & Charlotte: ....

Think of us as team. And our team is trying to make Daddy a doctor.  So what can we do to help our team?

Isaiah: Be quiet so Daddy can study? Oh and Mom, you can teach Dad things.*
Charlotte: Bring Daddy snacks.

Apparently the girl was hungry:) However she was on to something because Joe does like to have plenty of study snacks (and I don't blame him...studying medicine can be kind of sleep-inducing without distractions).  We also talked about the fact that Daddy studies after they go to bed so the quicker and quieter they are at bedtime the more study time Daddy gets (and computer time for Mommy:) Lastly we discussed the fact that it is a lot of work studying to become a doctor and sometimes Daddy needs a break. He needs fun. And that is their job too...bring on the chaos and fun!

Hannah slept through this entire conversation. But I took the liberty of answering for her.  She is going to be a team player by continuing to be a mellow, happy baby and sleep through the night so everyone else in the family can sleep through the night as well. Thanks Hannah!

Meanwhile this team player, has been getting more and more anxious/stressed as we get closer to Step 1.  My solution? Shopping. Not exactly the best solution but I just can't seem to help myself.  So far I have purchased a wall hanging + custom canvas print, a letter "H" for Hannah, a wristlet for myself, new pages for our address book and a magnetic notepad (for grocery lists). I realize it doesn't sound like much but typically I am NOT a shopper. It is out of character for me. Not to mention out of our budget. Which coincidentally just stresses me more. Aack!

Thankfully we have a bunch of visitors coming soon...I need the friendly distraction and Joe needs the extra study time (while I am distracted and not spending our money).

*Thank you child of mine for thinking of me as a competent medical provider still. I love you and your sweet heart.


  1. Go team go!! We are on team calving right now. If the weather doesn't change soon this team is going to fall apart. A vacation to a warm sunny spot will do us good!

    1. Warm we have! Sunny...I hope we can deliver that too. It has been rainy:( Hurry on over...we are excited to have you. Bonus: I finished the leggings!

  2. That's awesome! Keep up the good work It will be well worth it :)

    1. I know it will be...but somedays it is hard to feel/believe it will be worth it! I guess that is why we take it one day at a time:)