Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boy Stuff

Boy toys and playing with boy put it lightly they just aren't my thing! I try. Really I do. But good guys and bad guys and battling are just beyond me! And all those Lego kits with all their pieces drive me a little bonkers. I can handle all of it for approximately 5-10 minutes and then my creative play ideas run out...

And then when all those toys and parts end up in one pile on the floor...well that really is the end of my "fun mom"interactions.

Thank goodness my husband knows how to play boy toys. He truly is Isaiah's favorite playmate. And for that I am ever grateful. Because I am much more in my element with baby dolls and dollhouses!

Addendum: The other morning I was on the phone with Lego costumer service at 7:30 AM because the boy just HAD to build the bonus model of his Lego creator motorcycle set...The Roadster. The instruction manual implied I would find the "bonus" instructions on their such luck! Costumer service was great and they gave me the "code" to get the instructions.  And then I think she chuckled at me a little as she said, "I hope your son enjoys building the Roadster!"  Not funny lady. And yes he did enjoy it...while I enjoyed my favorite caffeinated beverage.


  1. You have to call to get a code for the instructions on their website?? Sounds like a long run around! Not all boys have a momma who would be willing to go to such great lengths :)

    1. I am not sure that I *had* to call for the bonus instructions but in my sleepy state I could NOT figure it out so I made the call:)