Monday, July 1, 2013

From Boards to Wards

This past Friday was Joe's second white coat ceremony. Two white coat ceremonies, strange right?!? A bit redundant in my opinion. But since we missed the first ceremony it was nice for us...except I missed this one too:( I had a little thing called 'being a bridesmaid' to do. (Which I loved doing - I was honored to be your bridesmaid Em. Just a tad bit sad to miss Joe's ceremony again!)

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. My husband is now officially a 3rd year medical student!!!! Or 'half a doctor' according to him. 

The white coat looks good on him. So official!  Today is his first day of rotations. He is starting with internal medicine for 6 weeks, then general surgery. According to his text earlier it is going well. I wouldn't expect anything less from him. This guy excels at everything he does.

Update: I have been corrected. It is 8 weeks NOT 6 weeks! Oops. I really need to pay better attention. Lastly, my husband texted me this picture.  He wasn't too pleased to see it on the blog. I think the number of picture texts I receive from him is about to drop drastically...from a none:(


  1. Yay Joe!! We are proud of you!

    P.S. Isaac just told me that he was going to be a doctor with Uncle Joe. And then he said that he was going to be a dentist and Uncle Joe was going to be a doctor. Y

    1. Aren't dentist considered doctors too?

      And thank you. We are proud of him too. Plus he is really enjoying being in the hospital setting. Much more exciting than lectures!