Monday, July 29, 2013

Soldiering on

Last week after a particularly tiring playdate at the park I strapped my 3 + an extra into their carseats, turned on the A/C and some kid music. Then I sat there in the peace and relative quiet. I cracked open my Pepsi and responded to a few emails on my phone. Ten minutes later I was feeling amazingly refreshed and ready to go. The kids were a little perplexed by our pause in the parking lot. But for me it was glorious. And so needed. 

I felt a little funny about my little mid-day "break". And even a little guilty. So I texted my friend - one of the moms that had been at the playdate - confessing what I had done. 

Her response: "Lololol that does sound fantastic. All us moms need are random 10 min breaks in the day and then we can soldier on. The kids had you running!!!! You sweet thing :)"

So true!

So this afternoon while the girls were napping, I popped in a DVD for Isaiah and took a quick soak in the tub. After which I still had time to polish my sad, sad piggies:)

Thank you public library for the free entertainment so this mom can soldier on... and thank you dear friend for the gift of nail polish for Charlotte:) So this mom can soldier on while feeling pretty!


  1. I think I might be a little too good at finding 10 minute breaks.

    1. Good news! I think 10 minutes every hour is the minimum requirement! Not sure. I better check my mommy handbook:)