Saturday, July 27, 2013

Birthday Girl(s)

Today we celebrated ONE YEAR of life for a certain little miss. Even if she isn't quite there yet:) The grandparents are in town so party we must! 
Of course we will honor her again on her actual BIRTHday. Cupcakes again? If we have too:)
This birthday girl enjoyed her WACKY CUPCAKE - even if it doesn't look like it. She took her time and ate it carefully and fairly neatly as well. 
She might have enjoyed opening her gifts if her siblings would have allowed her the experience! She did enjoy playing with her new toys after her siblings checked them out first! It's tough being the baby of the family:) I know. 

This gift she did NOT share. She gave her infamous deafening shriek and little swat to anyone who even attempted to take away her camelbak! Quite the opinionated, tough little cookie we are raising:)

Then in the evening we went out to dinner to celebrate Grandma's birthday...I won't share how many years of life we were honoring for her;) All in all it was a pretty wonderful day. Even if it means my baby isn't a baby anymore. Well almost!


  1. Happy early birthday Hannah! It is going to be hard to drop the baby and just say Hannah.

    1. Until she is confidently toddling around she's my baby...even then she might still be the baby!