Tuesday, July 9, 2013


My husband texted me this morning asking how everything was going at home. 

I promptly responded "Good!".

Then I left my secret mommy hiding place and discovered this...

Ok. My answer should have been "Good-ish:)".

Trying really hard to be the optimist that I am NOT I found the silver linings. #1. I hadn't dressed her for the day so I didn't have extra dirty laundry! And #2. She was ready for her long overdue {oatmeal} bath. 

Thank you Charlotte for always keeping life interesting. Yes her big sister did this to her. 

Tonight this girl thought she struck gold or at least the baby equivalent. Brown sugar!

I was standing less than 2 feet away from her preparing dinner completely oblivious to the fact that she was eating it by the handfuls! Yes I knew she was playing in the pantry. I just didn't realize she had found herself a tasty snack. I was too happy with the peace and quiet to really notice what she was doing. Oops. 

So much for waiting for her first birthday for sugar. Oh who am I kidding? This baby has been enjoying ice cream and the occasional cookie for months! There are perks to being the third child. And one of those is sugar for dinner apparently. 


  1. What a good little girl...she keeps herself occupied while mommy is busy!

    1. That is one way to look at it:) Good perspective!