Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here comes the bride...

and the turtles too!

My cousin {the bride} has arrived for her wedding. And while much of yesterday and today was spent preparing for the wedding, we did manage to sneak in a little nostalgic fun at the turtle races.  

See this, this is us as 4 year olds in our cute 1980s-esque rompers. Clearly she has always been the cuter one but she is such a wonderful person inside and out that I haven't held it against her...too much:) 

{Pink romper = me; Blue romper = bride}

And here she is racing a turtle with our eldest (and smartest) cousin's assistance:
 Now if that doesn't scream summer fun with a capital F I don't know what does!

Without further ado, my kids at yesterday's turtle races with Turtlick:

I am pretty sure this is so obvious that it doesn't need mentioning, but Charlotte definitely rocked her pink romper way better than her momma! Need more proof?

Here ya go...

Turtlick was FAST! Unfortunately he (she?) decided to turn back right before touching the finish line! So close yet so far away. And now he has been released into the wild where no one will be disappointed in his ability (or lack there of) to crawl a straight and fast path. 

My romper clad girl and I had the privilege of tagging along with the bride for her hair trial run. 

It was fun to see the bride transform into...well....a bride right before our eyes. Better yet, Charlotte kept whispering in my ear that she {the bride} was getting pretty like mommy. Yep, I was pretty much putty in that girl's hands. How can you resist that sincere sweetness and adoration?!

Lastly, because I can't ever resist a little, teeny walk down memory lane here we are circa 1989 and yesterday:

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  1. That was a fun one! Emily and Charlotte look like they had fun together!