Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happenings and musings

How low can I stoop in my lazy mom methods? Lower than I thought possible. See exhibit A:

Because apparently opening two separate jars to make my kids' lunch is just too much work! Seriously though. I think the sandwiches look disgusting when made with this stuff but the kids love them. Direct quote from Isaiah while eating his goober sandwich, "Mom you make THE BEST peanut butter and jelly!"  Thanks buddy. I try. Or not really:)

Originally I purchased this as a gift for my dad for his next visit. Because 1) his nickname was 'Goober' and 2) he loves PB&J. But the kids found it and wanted to try it. Sorry dad. 

Moving right along. More lazy mom madness. After playing in the "sprinkler" yesterday, I changed Hannah into a cotton dress. Which then evolved into her nightgown. And is now her outfit once again. Charlotte has asked several times, "Hannah is that your jammies? Or your dress?" She seems genuinely confused. 

See this?

This kid managed to make the whole world by himself all before the baby and I managed to drag ourselves out of bed this morning! I was impressed. 

I went out to get the clean laundry off the line. Hhhm...not sure 'clean' was a necessary adjective there?! Anyway. Upon stepping back into the house I found Charlotte with a mouth full of something and a proud grin on her face. I asked her what she was eating. She said "BREAD" and pointed to the cupcakes. I tried to argue with her that cupcakes aren't "bread". To which she responded, "I KNOW!" Sure enough she was eating the slice of bread I had put in the cupcake container to keep them fresh. 

I immediately thought "Wow if that is the worst she did while I was out we are doing good". And sat and folded laundry completely blissfully unaware of the fact that she was really doing THIS:

Her explanation. She was "collecting things". 

In order to avoid pondering the fact that I still had 8+ hours before my husband returned home and therefore a 0% chance of face-to-face adult interaction in my immediate future, I quickly fed the children an early lunch and herded my crew outside to play. Laundry folding was deserted for this:

Much better:)

And lastly, a glimpse at my new romper for my sister. It is comfortable but definitely not out in public appropriate on this 30 year old body. The shorts get realllll short....

Sorry my taking self portraits in the mirror skills are quite pathetic. 

And now because I am putting even myself to sleep I will quit. You are welcome.

**By 'sprinkler' I meant the hose with the garden sprayer attached. I couldn't get it off so I improvised. I sprayed the kids. They liked it AND it was fun for me. Just more proof for my lazy mom pudding:) As you can plainly see my husband is not as lazy as I, so he attached a proper sprinkler for the kids. 


  1. In Charlotte's defense how are you going to collect things if there isn't anything out to collect.

    The romper is cute. From that angle it doesn't look short, but I am sure you wouldn't put that kind of picture on your blog.

    1. Oh she found plenty to "collect"! At first when she said "collecting my bows" I thought she said "stretching my bows". Which I wrongly assumed meant she had stretched and broke her hard plastic headbands...there was a moment of panic for both of us!