Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

That is what little girls are made of.

See all those pretty little hair bows pictured all the way to the right. The really girly ones on the pretty personalized ribbon display. The day has finally arrived that the owner of these hair clippies actually can and needs to use them. We thought this day would never come! They are so dainty and feminine AND they keep her hair out of her eyes! Yay. We call them her "princess clippies" in an effort to convince her to leave them in. 

Just a little background information to clarify the significance of this seemingly unimportant milestone. Charlotte was gifted these hair bows and display when she was a mere 3 {very bald} months old by her aunt and grandma. A year ago at age 2 her baby sister was born with {seemingly} more and thicker hair than a still very bald and blonde Charlotte. For 3 years those bows have hung on her wall just begging to be worn and displayed properly on a little girl's head. I was convinced Hannah would need them first. But alas at the ripe old age of 3 years Charlotte finally has enough...barely but still enough...golden locks to necessitate these pretty little clippies!

As far as the sugar and spice and everything nice. Well that everything might just be a slight exaggeration. She is definitely a 3 year old girl. Lots of spice to go along with that sugar. Enough said, right?  But she sure looks sweet:)


  1. The mirror is perfect for a little girl. I am sure Ella would spend hours looking in it.

    1. She is welcome to come use it anytime! Hannah just discovered the mirror today and was pretty enamored with herself:)