Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Late night shenanigans

A certain blonde child of mine just couldn't fall asleep last night. She would stay in her bed as long as daddy was in her room. But eventually daddy wanted to go to sleep! And she was still wide AWAKE. Once daddy left, she popped right out of her bed and joined us in ours:( After A LOT of tossing, turning and limb flailing I decided she needed to be removed from our bed if my poor sweet and very tired husband was going to get any sleep. So what were we to do?!


While the rest of the family slept we played beauty salon! And I actually came up with a couple different hair dos for her wispy baby fine hair. Oh and the bandaid on her forehead?! That is there because I finally "exfoliated" her scar. Win. Win!

Eventually she did go to bed and stayed put! That is when I discovered these guys doing this...
Synchronized sleeping!!! 

It melted my heart just a little bit. That and it guaranteed some non-restful sleep for us. Nothing a little extra caffeine this morning can't fix though:)

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