Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Target...yet again.

This is the last time. Promise. I mean how long can I beat a dead horse? We all get it. While Target seems like dream come true to us {sometimes} stir crazy stay-at-homers, it isn't. Expectations and reality just don't match.

And now for my final Target rant:

Joe occasionally takes the kids with him in the evenings to run errands, namely Target. They get time together OUTSIDE of our tight quarters and I get peace and quiet. We all benefit!  Plus we get the needed items purchased WITHOUT the extra impulse buys I can't seem to resist...

However the part that bothers me is that every time he goes out in public with our kids alone, he gets unsolicited praise and admiration! Women stop him and tell him what a great job he is doing and can not believe he is brave enough to take 3 kids to the store alone! Brave? Really?

Because when I am out with the kids I get unsolicited parenting advice and not so subtle reprimands. Never once has anyone told me I am brave for taking my kids to the store with me! This double standard in parenting kills me. 

Yes, I do think he is a wonderful, capable dad. And I am so grateful to have him as my co-parent in this whole kid raising gig.  But praising him excessively for doing a normal every day task with his children?! That is just absurd. I mean he is their dad  for goodness' sake! 

Plus I would bet money that while the kids are out in public with him they are running around like wild monkeys. Not because he can't control them. Rather because he is the fun parent and allows the kids to be...well kids. I tend to stifle the fun. And yet he is winning the 'Parent of the Year' award. Clearly I am doing something wrong...

From now on I am going to Target alone in the evenings and leaving the kids at home with their better parent:) That must be a fool proof plan, right?

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