Thursday, July 11, 2013

Time management

At 8am I decided the kids and I were going to spend the morning at the beach. So I cracked open a Pepsi and started getting us ready to go. At 8:34am I texted my husband informing him of our beach plans because my commitment to said plan was dwindling. Once he knew I felt like I had to take the kids to the beach! At 9:42am, a mere 102 minutes later, the kids and I are swim suit clad, lathered in SPF 50 and all our gear was packed and ready to go. I included lunch because clearly we wouldn't be home before lunchtime! Confession: only 2 of the 3 kids had sunscreen on. Which one did I skip? I'll never tell:)

It was at this point I snapped this framer:
Yes, yes. Lunchables are becoming my go-to beach lunch. Obviously I slaved away in the kitchen getting us ready to go. So how it took me 102 minutes to get us out the door is still a mystery to me.

10:14am we arrive at the beach after our 1 block + giant hill trek. Pictured below, of course. 

I immediately plopped myself down on the towel and rewarded myself with a bag of cherries. 60 seconds later the sand monster attacked and my illusion of a mini vacation vanished.  Oh who am I kidding? One child was tantruming, another was eating rocks and sand, and the third was playing nicely. This was no vacation. 

But the sun was shining. The waves were making their beautiful lapping sounds. Our tummies were full of good {slightly sandy} food. And eventually we found our beach groove and we all had a good time!

Holes were dug. Dinosaur bones were discovered;) And one little girl even snuck in a morning nap. 

12:20pm we called it quits. Packed it all up and did it all over again in reverse. And right now while my girls are napping and the house is quiet, I am thinking it is time to break my one-soda-per-day rule and crack open another Pepsi. 

Two small tangents. 
1) As a child I remember once seeing my mom lounging on the beach eating cherries. I thought she was THE MOST glamorous woman ever at that moment. Like a movie star. 
2) That bottom picture is PROOF that having 3 children is hardly different/more difficult than 2.  That sleeping mound in the background is a classic just tagging along for all the fun baby #3.

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