Sunday, January 5, 2014

13 for 2013

Since last year's recap post was THE POST that got me back to blogging*, I felt it was only appropriate that I did another year-end recap this year. So here it is 13 pictures for 2013...


Apparently we didn't do much last January. We stayed home and played A LOT. Baby sister started eating "solid" foods with much help from big sister. Isaiah was still enjoying lazy mornings in his jammies as kindergarten was half days. Joe was getting up ridiculously early to study (before 5 in the AM!). Oh and also not noteworthy, I started drinking smoothies for breakfast...I should restart that healthy habit.


 This handsome guy turned 30! And to celebrate we took him to the Wisconsin Dells for a couple days. A good time was had by all. Especially me as I went down the water slides many, many times. Oh and Hannah learned to sit up unassisted. Exciting stuff.

 The kids and I drove out to South Dakota to spend Easter at my sister and brother-in-law's cattle ranch. All 9 cousins had a blast! As did the adults. This was my first year making my kids' Easter outfits. It might just become a tradition. This is also the month I started having sewing nights with friends.
And then because we hadn't seen enough of each other in March, my mom, sister, sister-in-law, 2 nieces and 2 nephews came to visit us!!! It was a blast. And then a couple weeks later two of my good friends and their kids came to visit. Good thing we LOVE having company and sight-seeing:) We started cloth diapering. And by we I mean me.


I managed to steal Joe away from his studies for 24 (glorious!) hours to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in Chicago (while my parents watched the kids)! It was short and so so sweet. This was also the month of Charlotte's abscess. A painful and slightly scary experience that I hope we never repeat.


 THE TEST was taken. That would be Joe's first board exam. What a huge HUGE relief to have that done! Afterwards we spent a week just our family of five camping and visiting friends in Minnesota. After which, the kids and I continued on our summer roadtrip adventures. Including: Camp Lebanon, a family reunion, my cousin's wedding, and spending time with both sets of grandparents in Minnesota. Also noteworthy: Isaiah completed his kindergarten year, Charlotte turned 3, Isaiah turned 6 and I turned 30. Oh and I chopped 10 inches off my hair!

 Joe started his THIRD YEAR of medical school and thus he began clinicals. His first rotation was internal medicine for 8 weeks. It was an adjustment (to say the least). He enjoyed being in the hospital. We missed him:( But we managed. And carried on doing regular life stuff, like going to the beach and burying each other!

Our baby turned ONE! We had family pictures taken. And Isaiah started 1st grade. That's all I really remember. To be perfectly honest, it was kind of a bleak month for me. The long hours of Joe being gone were taking a toll on me (us?) and I began to wonder if we (mostly me) could survive medical training. The kids and I were in suvival mode.


 Joe started his 8 week surgery rotation. He was gone a lot, a lot, a lot. Life continued to look bleak. I cried. Just a bit. Ok. More than a bit. But we survived. Oh and Charlotte started dance. Which is the cutest! (Thus qualifying this month for 2 pictures.) We also made our annual trip back to Wisconsin for the pumpkin patch with friends. And by some miracle, Joe was able to join us. See it wasn't all bad:)


 We survived the longest 16 weeks and life didn't seem so horrible anymore. Daddy was BACK and life was good and right once again. Neurology was good to us. Hannah started walking! We participated in many fall activities.
 Again this was the month of visitors. First Joe's little sister came for a weekend, then my parents came for Thanksgiving and finally our good friends came for a long weekend (technically their visit was the beginning of December. Close enough). We really do LOVE having company so it made for a GREAT month. Joe completed his Emergency Medicine rotation. And looks like that is where he is headed career-wise. And I am good with that. (This month's picture is completely unrelated. I just thought it was a good one of Hannah, Charlotte & Isaiah. And it shows their growth, especially when compared to January's picture!)


We went to Mexico for a week without the kids. It was the best. End of story.

*My original blog was about garage sales. Yep, I was an addict. Enjoying the finds myself wasn't good enough, I had to share them with the world! Then I moved to Illinois (for med school) and everything changed. Story of my life:) Oh if you are is the old blog, which someday I would like to transfer to this blog. Well most of it. Maybe not the garage saling part.

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  1. Looks like it was a great/crazy/wonderful year!! The very best kind!! :)

    1. It was! And I think this coming year will be even crazier yet (in a good way)...but you would know better than me since you have survived life on the road during fourth year:)

  2. Thanks for linking up with medical mondays! You have the cutest kids seriously! Congrats on 10 years-we celebrated our 5 year last year. I love that you had a garage sale blog. When I was younger that was one of my favorite things to do with my mom. We always found some amazing bargains. One mans trash...

    1. Thanks...I think they are pretty cute too! And we have a lot of the other guy's trash around here:) It fits the med school budget!

  3. I totally agree...this should be done annually. It makes me want to review my year too.

    1. Oops. See below for my reply to you.

  4. Even Joe liked this post! Which rarely happens:) I would love to see your year in review...

  5. Thanks for linking up with MM - what a beautiful family you have:-) I have to ask, was your picture in your blog header one of those photo shoots that the weather showed up to uninvited? I love it and may consider scheduling a photo shoot during the next rain!

    1. Thank you and YES that picture was taken during that the rain! Minutes after it was taken it was pouring and we were drenched. But I love that picture:)

  6. Happy New Year! Stopping by via MM Blog Hop. I want to review my year like this as well. All the best in 2014!

    Ray Doc Wife

    1. Thank you. And you should!!! It's such a fun way to look back...