Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I will just cut to the chase with this one. Yesterday was spent in the ER with Charlotte. She had an abscess on her little bum that had to be 'incisized and drained'. Basically it was cut open. The puss was removed. Then the hole was filled with gauze and left open so it can heal from the inside. She was sedated for the procedure so she felt NONE of it thankfully. Although seeing your 2 year old sedated is not easy.

That was our curve ball. Sorry for those that have queasy stomachs. We don't mince words around here...especially medical words. 

So where does that leave us now? Charlotte is doing amazingly well. She is on antibiotics. And besides the large bandage and diaper on her bum you would never know she endured such an ordeal yesterday. Oh yes she does sit a little funny as would be expected:) And she isn't so fond of the diaper but she is otherwise her energetic, happy self!

But tomorrow is the day I am dreading. Tomorrow we go to the clinic to have her wound unpacked and then re-packed...without sedation.  I am imagining the worst and praying for the best. This re-packing process will be repeated every couple days until it has healed. Yesterday was just the beginning of a long process to get our Charlotte healed. 

So if you think of it tomorrow at 3:15 we would greatly appreciate your prayers for minimum pain and a whole heap of comfort for Charlotte. Poor thing has no clue what is going to happen as she doesn't even realize she has an extra hole in her bottom;)

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