Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ringing in the New Year!

Charlotte and I made pigs in a blanket (i.e. pickles wrapped in cream cheese & ham), then she dumped them all over the counter, I picked them up and tried to make them "presentable". 

We put on our party pants (or footy jammies & tutus for the 3 and under crowd) and headed out to ring in the new style!

Which of course means we were home well before midnight:) But we had fun while it lasted. We played Hi Ho Cherri-O and Balderdash and ate too many treats. Really. I had a belly ache by the end of our short evening. Oops. 

Joe and I managed to stay up until midnight by watching a movie. It was during this time we realized this was our 15th NYE we have celebrated together. WOW! And yikes that makes me feel old!

Here's to 2014. We have some exciting changes and adventures planned for our little family. More on that later. 

(Only somewhat related...last night as I was rocking Hannah to sleep she held up her baby doll and said "ba-ba". Her first attempt at saying baby! It was like music to my ears!!! More on this later too.)

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