Monday, January 13, 2014

new camera + cute kids

My camera arrived on Friday! See....

Clearly I kept my promise to not shower until it was in my hands:) Not so sure Joe was impressed with my dedication to the camera! But it has been so very worth it, in my humble opinion.

I have been very SNAP HAPPY all weekend. (Major understatement)  Admittedly I have no idea what I am doing with such a nice camera, but it has been fun. And my kids are even enjoying their time in front of mommy's new camera. Which is shocking! Especially considering Isaiah's recent dislike for pictures.

So I took their enthusiasm and ran with it...


Yep. A little Valentine's shoot in January.


But how could I resist with three adorable COOPERATIVE models?! Obviously I couldn't. Plus, Joe bought me those cute heart balloons to use as props. So I had to take the pictures.

And because I had too much fun editing/collaging the pictures here they are again...


(Isaiah's bow tie. Isn't it fabulous? My sewing friends helped me create it with felt and fabric glue. They are the best! Friends I mean.)

Oh and I have since showered and made myself presentable.

[Valentine's Day 2013 & The Outtakes]

Update: I have since discovered picmonkey (a free online photo editing program). And created this little beauty tonight....



  1. YAY! You got your camera!! Looks like you are having fun! CUTE pictures!! What a fun photo shoot!

    1. Yes! So much fun!!! Now I just have to learn how to really use it...

    2. Oh and thank you. I think they turned out cute too:)