Monday, January 20, 2014


I know I have discussed "how not to eat" here as Charlotte is an expert in that department. However it turns out Isaiah is an expert at being HUNGRY and staying hungry. Take today for example....

As we were leaving for the library (for storytime):
Me: Ok. We will eat lunch as soon as we get home. (Not concerned as we had just finished breakfast within the hour). 

Leaving the library:
I: Mom, I'm really hungry. 
Me: Ok. I was planning on heating up the leftover taco casserole for lunch. 
I: Yuck. I don't want that. I want a peanut  butter and jelly sandwich. 
Me: Ok. 

Upon our return home, Isaiah makes himself a pb+honey+j sandwich. I foolishly think lunch is going to go smoothly....

After finishing his sandwich (and putting his nose up to the grapes I was serving his sisters):
I: I'm still hungry. Can I have some cheese?
Me: Sure. There is cottage cheese or cheddar cheese...

Isaiah gets out the cottage cheese only to declare it "too watery". So I slice him some cheddar cheese:
I: What are these lines on the cheese?!?!? (Visibly distraught at this point.)
Me: Marks from the package. It's good cheese. Eat it!

Isaiah takes a tentative nibble:
I: What is this? It doesn't taste like cheese!
Me: Cheese. Real cheddar cheese. It does taste like cheese. Good cheese. 
I: No it doesn't. It doesn't taste like cheese!

(At this point Charlotte gladly eats Isaiah's doesn't-taste-like-cheese-cheese-slices). 

I: What else can I eat?
Me: Carrots. 
I: What else?
Me: Carrots.

He reluctantly goes to the fridge and retrieves the bag of carrots:
I: I can't eat these! They have white on them!!! What is that?!? 
Me: Carrots. Dry carrots. 
I: Yuck! I can't eat white carrots! What else can I eat?

Isaiah looks in the fridge....desperate for something edible:
I: Can I have the leftover fish?
Me: Sure. (When will I ever learn?!)

After heating up and serving him the requested fish:
Me: Isaiah don't play with it. Take a bite. 
I: I can't. It's too wet!!

...long dramatic pause as Isaiah picks at the fish some more....

I: Mom, can I have some taco casserole? I'm hungry
Me: No. No you may not because I am eating the "yucky taco casserole". You can eat your fish. 
I: But it's too wet! 
Me: Ok. Well then you can go to your room for rest time. Lunch is over. 

Isaiah stomping off...
I: This is the worst day EVER!!!!

That's where you are wrong hungry-child-of-mine, it is going to be the worst day ever once you discover that for snack I am serving white carrots, sliced cheese and wet fish! Oh and if you don't eat it for snack, guess what we are having for dinner?!?


  1. This one made my day. I had the opposite experience at lunch today. Isaac kept eating and eating and kept asking what else he could eat. I finally gave up and made him wash his hands...there was no way he could have been hungry at that point.

  2. That sounds like our meal times too!

    1. Glad it doesn't just happen at my house! It was especially frustrating for me today so I did some "therapeutic blogging". It's the only way I could find the humor in the situation!

  3. I agree with Naomi, sorry but this made my day too. And only because I can totally see the whole conversation going down between the two of you. And I laugh only because I have been there. We have TOTALLY had days like that here too. Hope you survived the rest of the day! :)

    1. We lived to see another day:) And he ate the fish! (His sisters ate the carrots & cheese for him. Real team players those two!)