Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Motherly knowledge

This morning while playing a rousing game off "clean up the Cheerios smeared into the carpet" followed by a round of "find the poop" with (a bare-bottomed) Hannah, I had the thought, "before I was a mom I didn't even know that Cheerios could be smeared into the carpet." They can be and they leave quite the mark. Worse than poop actually. Take my word for it.  Which made me think about ALL the useful things I know now but didn't know before I was a mom. 


I didn't know that vomit left on fabric for an extended period of time would bleach the fabric. It does. 


That I could look at a boogery-faced kid and think they are the cutest kid alive. 


That a girl can be going potty on the toilet and still miss the toilet. In fact the pee might just spray up on an unsuspecting bystander. I wish I didn't know this one but I do...from experience:)


That my baby's poop is more appealing to me than other babies' poop. Weird. I know. (And by "appealing" I mean I would rather change my child's poopy pants than another child's. NO poop is actually appealing!)


That such a small being (or rather a collection of small beings) can be so frustrating and down right trying. That I am left wondering if I have any sanity left at all.


That washing a used (disposable) diaper in a load of laundry is surprisingly not very messy. Again, take my word on this one. 

What can I say?!  It has been one of those days. Enough pee, poop & vomit talk! 

Yesterday I posted this little nugget of a photo to Facebook:

Because I was a) shocked at how much my children liked embroidery and b) reveling in the peace and harmony it brought to my home (on yet another "snow day").  What I wasn't expecting was how many questions this picture garnered from other moms. Moms that wanted to know the how's & what's of embroidery with small children. 

So you know what that means, right?! A post about embroidering with small children coming soon! I know the excitement!!! I hope you can handle it:)

Ok. Ok. Only a couple moms were interested in embroidery. And no one asked for a post (besides my husband). But still I have so many cute pictures of my kids while doing embroidery. So a post is definitely forthcoming regardless of the very minimal demand for such a post! I apologize in advance. 

Lastly, why oh why do I always seem to find myself in poopy situations? Literally speaking of course. This morning's incident I blame on the Cheerios. The kids took a bath this morning. After toweling off Hannah, I left her (in her birthday suit) playing outside of the tub while I ran to grab her a diaper and clothes. It was then I discovered the smear(s) of Cheerios in the hallway. So I stopped my diaper & clothes retrieving mission to clean it up. Which in turn gave Hannah ample time to poop WITHOUT a diaper on. 

Moral of the story: get a new diaper before bath time! 

How have I not learned this yet?!?

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