Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween. Done & done! (I wish)

Yesterday afternoon a friend and I took our kids Trick Or Treating downtown. No, not Chicago downtown. I am not that brave. Just in our cozy little suburb. Why they have this one week before Halloween? I don't know. But we went. And we got candy. And we had fun. Despite the chilly & windy 40 degree weather. 

[Charlotte insisted on wearing her strawberry costume from when she was ONE. Hello high waters and wedgie!]

I may or may not have left (and completely forgot about) one of my children on this train while I attended to a fussy little sister. Okay. Okay. I definitely did! Thankfully a kind stranger unstrapped said child and reunited us. No permanent psychological damage done...or at least I hope not:)

Want to know what was truly terrifying though?! All the revolving doors. Seriously about 50% of the stores had revolving doors - which left me and stroller clad Hannah outside - while the "big kids" went through the revolving doors by themselves. Two children that didn't exactly know how to work these doors. Children that were so focused on the CANDY that they paid no attention to the whereabouts or well being of anyone else!  Excited, rushing costumed children plowing through revolving doors! Terrifying I tell you. I was certain that one or both of them was going to fall down inside the door or get wedged between the door and the frame. 

But miracle of all miracles, they survived without any mishaps! In the end it was the stairs that claimed Charlotte as their victim. As in she paid no attention to the two steps in the side walk and instead fell down them, landing solidly on her forehead. My poor accident prone child. 

Do you know difficult it is to push an umbrella stroller across railroad tracks while carrying a crying three year old? I'll give you a hint: it ain't easy. 

We got so much candy (and had so much fun!) that I feel like we already had Halloween. I am tempted to call it done for the year. Just skip all the hoopla on Thursday. I mean we already did  it, right?! I think I could pull this kind of wool over the eyes of my girls and get away with it. But a certain first grader I know is too smart for my lazy mom antics. So we will be back at it on Thursday. Minus the revolving doors of course:)

[Cutest first grader I have ever seen.]


  1. I would call it good too, but you live in a very populated place so you can't get away with stuff like I Can. Although last night Isaac asked when we can do Halloween again after going to the carnival so I am pretty sure I am not getting away with thag either.

    I think it is funny that Charlitte wore the two costumes my kids wore last year! She knows how to make good use out of costumes. Next year you will be getting a cute ladybug costume for Hannah!!

    Lastly, I just looked at my school picture of Isaiah yesterday and was thinking it was about time for a new one! They turned out great!

    1. I look forward to using the ladybug for Hannah...although Charlotte will be dissapointed...she saw the picture of Ella and already claims that as her costume for next year:)

    2. I guess you know what to look for on sale or at a garage sale. I am afraid Charlotte won't be able to squeeze into this is snug on Ella.