Monday, January 6, 2014


Now that I have gotten my obligatory 2013-in-pictures post out of the way I can move onto this year and the adventures we have planned. (Not that I don't like the review post. Because I do. I really really do. It is amazing to see how far we have come in a year.)

During Joe's first year of medical school I made him this little sign as a gift...

I saw the quote on pinterest and liked it. I thought it would be a nice way to show my husband my love and support as we were transitioning to life in a new state far from all our friends and family. Plus, it was a good (easy) first project with my brand new cricut! Little did I know that two years later those words would have a whole new depth of meaning attached to them.

Let me explain.

The medical year begins July 1. So this coming summer Joe will start his fourth (and last!) year of medical school. One of the major objectives of the last year of medical school is to apply and interview at residency programs. Because graduating from medical school just doesn't cut it. Residency training comes next:) And one way students get to learn more about different residency programs and vice versa is through "away rotations". An away rotation is a 4 week rotation at a hospital (or clinic) that is NOT part of your medical school's health system. Simply put, its like a 4 week interview!

Are you following me?

And as odd as it seems, getting into residency is a competitive process. Not everyone "matches" into a residency. Scary, but true. So for us it was a no-brainer that Joe would do as many away rotations as possible. Why not increase your odds?! However that would leave the kids and I here, by ourselves, for up to six months this coming year. Which sounded kind of miserable. And lonely.


We are packing up and joining him! Yep, this family of five is becoming vagabonds. Kind of:)

This is our tentative plan. After Isaiah finishes first grade in June, the kids and I will pack up and move into my parents' basement. (Thankfully my inlaws have an extra garage stall for us to store the majority of our belongings). Thus making Minnesota our new "home base". We will spend the month of June at camp and camping with family (much like last summer). While Joe will stay here in Illinois completing his last rotation (psychiatry), studying for and taking his second BOARD exam. (Yuck! I don't envy him.) Then in July, we will hit the road. The five of us will go with Joe for his away rotations. As of right now our plan is to drive to our destinations and take what we need/can fit in the minivan and live in extended stay hotels. I will be homeschooling Isaiah and Charlotte. (AACK! Never thought I would do that!) And we will just be taking it one day, one week, one month at a time. I reserve the right to ditch Joe and take the kids back to Minnesota at any point if it gets too crazy/overwhelming or just not working. But I hope it doesn't come to that.

Most importantly, we are doing this as a family. We are working together to make Joe's dream come true. Should be interesting. I am pretty excited. We all are! We will get to see more of the country and spend time together. What could be better?!

That's all I know at this point.

Nothing is finalized. No real plans to speak of. Just dreams and adventures waiting to happen!

Lastly, Joe and I spent one evening over Christmas break cleaning out my childhood (walk-in) closet. Trying to make room for grown-up me and all my stuff. It was a fun (and sometimes funny) walk down memory lane.

Here are some of the treasures I found...
I was a diver once upon a time! Can you find me?

My keychain collection. 

The soundtrack of my youth! Unfortunately all the cases were empty. Bummer. 


  1. I found you! You never said what became of these treasures you found.

    1. Well you have an unfair knew me then:) These treasures are long the trash! (Except the keychains. The kids each took some. Much to my dismay.)