Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's official.

I am the worst mom ever.
Or at the very least a bad one:(

On Thursday afternoons Isaiah takes an hour and fifteen minute art class ("Clay Creations") at the rec center. Typically the girls and I stay in the rec center and play (at the indoor playground). Sometimes we go to the grocery store a mile down the road. 

Today (for the first time) we went to a friend's house and hung out during Isaiah's class. My girls played & snacked while us moms chatted and I got to hold my friend's baby. It was lovely. 

After an hour of socializing I loaded up the girls to go get Isaiah. That is when I saw it. A voicemail from the rec center left on my phone 45 minutes prior. Isaiah was complaining of a stomach ache and wanted to go home. 

I hate to admit it but my initial thought was that he was crying wolf. I already had my lecture planned about the inappropriateness of claiming illness in order to get out of participating in an activity. But in the back of my mind I also felt HORRIBLE for missing that call. I already felt like the worst mother!

I pulled up to the rec center (a minute or two late!) to find NO close parking spots. So I made the hasty decision to park (illegally) in the fire lane near the entrance. I turned off the van and left the girls buckled in their seats and dashed into the building. (His class is right by the front my defense.) 

I met his teacher in the hall and apologized profusely. She was gracious and told me, "it happens to every mom". She then pointed me to the men's bathroom as Isaiah had been in there "for a while". Uh oh. No good. 

Cautiously I opened the door and called for Isaiah. He was the only person in there so I charged in, only to find the most sad sick boy I had ever seen. (The coming-out-both-ends kind of sick). He thankfully had made it to the toilet in time to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately he threw up at the same time. Which resulted in his underwear and pants being FILLED with his vomit. And there he stood all alone in a vomit filled bathroom stall trying to clean it up himself. 

Worst mom ever!

My heart was so sad for him. But my brain was frenzied trying to figure out the logistics of this situation. Two girls unattended in the illegally parked van, one boy covered in vomit and just me to deal with it all! No change of clothes, no diaper bag, nothing. Hastily I cleaned up the floor. Removed Isaiah's underwear and threw them away! Then forced him back into the soggy pants and we shuffled out of there with more apologies to his teacher.

We were quite the sight. 

But we all made it home in one piece without any more vomit! Once home I got Isaiah in the tub and fed the girls dinner. And eventually everyone was changed into jammies and reading bedtime stories    in the living room. (I wanted to quarantine Isaiah in his room but he refused.)

It was then that I snuck away to the bathroom. Ya know, to go to the bathroom. Only to be interrupted by Isaiah, knocking on the door and announcing his imminent need to throw up again! I swung open the door to witness him heaving and throwing up ALL over the hallway. The carpeted hallway. Just a second too late. 

See? Worst mom ever. 

I got him cleaned up. And then set to work cleaning up the hallway. While scrubbing away, Hannah toddles over to me...drinking from Isaiah's Gatorade-filled water bottle. The one he was drinking from just minutes before he threw up. Ugh.

Its going to be a long weekend. I just know it.

This illness came right on time. As in one week before Joe's next test. Joe always claims we fall apart right before his tests thus preventing him from getting in good quality study time. Yep, right on time!


  1. OH NO!!! That is awful! Poor Isaiah, what a rough day. And I feel for you but don't be so hard on yourself. These days happen unfortunately. Hopefully no one else got sick and you made it through the week.

    1. It was truly awful! I felt like such a failure:( I wish I could say it got better after that BUT that would be a lie...I was the next victim!