Sunday, January 19, 2014

Family Fusion

Every 6 weeks (or so) our church has a fun event called 'Family Fusion'. It's an evening of eating and playing together as a family. We have been attending faithfully for the last two years. It's good, cheap fun. Last Friday was a 'Family Fusion' night so we brought my parents along for the fun...errr...or at least the promise of fun.

However we had a rocky start. Hannah didn't like the meal and was very vocal about her opinion.  And Charlotte, my dear sweet non-napping Charlotte completely lost it when her taco became unrolled and made contact with her applesauce! She was inconsolable. And making a scene. And to top it all off there  was a lady at the next table over that was determined to befriend Hannah. And Hannah was having NONE of that. The crying and screaming at our table kept everyone away. I was ready to call it quits before we really had a chance to start. That's how bad it was. My dad had the audacity to suggest the event should be called 'Family Feuding' instead of 'Family Fusion'. 

But we stuck it out. I gave myself a little time-out in the empty nursery to regain composure. And in the end we had fun! (See pictures below). However Charlotte's "performance" has me re-thinking this no nap situation. Clearly she needs more sleep. But I can't force her to nap. I feel stuck without a good solution.



[And now before I become completely consumed with the topic of sleep and naps, a change in subject. You are welcome.]

My parents. They were a delight to have around. Why? Too many reasons to list. But I will try. For starters, my mom did almost all the cooking and cleaning! Plus when the kids wanted to go outside to play Grandpa took them while I stayed warm and cozy inside. And school drop off and pick up was a breeze because I didn't have to drag two tired, crying girls with me. In fact I didn't have to go at all if I didn't want to, my dad was happy to pick up Isaiah. And the best part, I had the option to just take one child with me when out and about! Hannah & I went to Goodwill (to look for a birthday present for Joe) and had a grand time just the two of us! No present was found but we found some good stuff for us girls:) And the best was while Isaiah was in his art class, I went shopping ALONE. Perusing the grocery store aisles for just the right conditioner by myself...heavenly! Oh and I *almost* went out with some girls one evening. Except I lost the car key and couldn't go out. (Joe had the spare at the clinic). But it's probably for the best. I am no good at GNO

On Saturday mornings, Charlotte has dance class and Hannah has swimming "lessons". Normally we divide and conquer. Me with Charlotte & Isaiah. And Joe with Hannah. But this week my parents were in charge of the dance crew so I got to tag along with the swimmers. It was fun. Just the three of us in Joe's little car with one child buckled in the back. It felt like we were first time parents all over again!

Except if we were first time parents we both would have both been in the water with Hannah! But we aren't. So I sat in the observation area and happily watched Joe and Hannah swim. And took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Mamarazzi style!


Thank you parents for coming and just doing life with us. We love your visits! Come again soon. 

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