Thursday, January 9, 2014

This & that.

In no particular order and without any real purpose (except maybe to entertain my parents, maybe) here is what the last two days have brought at our house.

Isaiah had a rough first day back at school. He was tired and weepy. Afebrile.  All according to the school nurse. So while I thought it was a good idea to put the girls down for a late nap yesterday and start packing (and purging!) our basement. It wasn't. It really wasn't. Because what I ended up with was this...
a mess. Plus two tired girls that I had to wake up and drag out in the cold to pick up Isaiah from school. 45 minutes was NOT a long enough nap! Seriously loading up two crying girls in freezing temperatures without an attached garage is my LEAST favorite activity. EVER. And I got to do it again today. Ugh. Though I think I have a good chance at failing as a homeschool mom next year, I am so SO looking forward to NOT having to do school drop off and pick up. I won't miss it one little bit. I also will not miss paying electric and gas bills. That will be nice too.

The girls had a lot of good playing together time today. It was nice. With the exception of the random hair pulling, hitting and pinching (all unprovoked and all perpetrated by bully Hannah) they are becoming good little playmates. It's fun to watch. Until it turns into this...
another mess! And yes, they moved Charlotte's bed across the room by themselves. Why? So they could reach all the headbands and hair clips and swim suits. Which they wore for most of the morning. (No pictures, sorry.) BUT I found my lemonade in these lemons...I was forced to finally organize all their hair accessories. 

Speaking of no pictures. I am currently camera-less (besides my phone of course). And I feel so lost without one. My little old point and shoot camera died the day we returned from Mexico. (I must have over worked it on vacation). But in exciting news, I have been saving up for a nice-er camera for a few months (I work in the MOPS nursery, FYI) and I finally ordered one after much deliberation and a little research. And it arrived today EXCEPT I was in the shower and missed the UPS delivery guy. I am now going to stand vigil by my front door. No more showers until that package arrives!

(We went to the indoor playground during Isaiah's clay creations class tonight. Thrilling tidbit.)

Back to school. This morning Isaiah was first "too tired" to get dressed for school. Then "too hungry" (even though he had just finished breakfast). Then he didn't like any of the snack choices I offered him (to bring to school). Finally he HAD to have the hairs around his ears trimmed before he could go to school! Yeah, he was 30 minutes late to school. Not our finest performance. We hope to improve tomorrow. It's a new day, clean slate and all that jazz. 

Lastly, tonight I was attempting to ignore the children as Joe was getting them ready for bed when Hannah wandered into my room and handed me the (toddler sized) toilet seat! I thought that was bad. Then she showed me this...
That would be Charlotte's keychain. Previously mine from my childhood collection. Gross. Then she reached in and tried to get it. 

And on that fine note we called it a night. 

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