Sunday, January 26, 2014

my "new" cowl

Yesterday morning while Charlotte danced and Isaiah loomed, I made myself a knit cowl, inspired by THIS super easy & fabulous tutorial. Of course I did not finish it during my allotted time (i.e. 45 minute pre-ballet dance class). That would have been too easy. So I finished it during nap time. Oh wait...I spent nap time trying to convince Charlotte to stay IN THE BED to no avail! So finally after naptime with Charlotte and Hannah at my feet vying for my very divided attention I completed my cowl (and took these ridiculous pictures of myself wearing the completed project. Why I stood on my bed for said pictures? I don't know. I guess I felt the pictures needed a little color. I almost put on make-up for my photo shoot. But that I decided was just a too much!).

This admittedly was a ridiculously easy project and never should have taken me that long to complete! Why so easy? Well for starters I didn't knit it yesterday. Instead, I took a scarf that I knit 10 years ago (as a gift for Joe) and unknit it a bit to make it the right cowl length. Then I simply added 3 (mismatched) buttons to secure it all together and magically it transformed from "scarf" to "cowl". Voila! My new cowl! And yes, I am well aware of the fact that the original cowl is much cuter than mine AND yes, I know that my buttons look ridiculous and haphazardly placed. But what can I say? They were haphazardly placed as I tried to keep Hannah from eating my sewing needle.

Of course, after unkitting the original scarf I had extra yarn that I couldn't throw away. Far too wasteful for my frugal-loving heart! So once my photo shoot was complete and mommy could once again pay attention to someone else besides herself, I sat down and finger knit with Charlotte. Which meant I only had one little needling vying for my attention:) Much more manageable. And in the end Charlotte created an adorable infinity scarf for herself. Almost as cute at Mommy's. Ok...cuter. The little kid version is always cuter even if the little kid isn't cooperating for her photo session!

In my defense, I would have had three matching buttons for my cowl. BUT I didn't make it to the craft store yesterday afternoon because Joe was gone (studying). BUT I won't complain. Not one little bit. BECAUSE Joe was able to get much needed study time in thanks to our friends offering to take Isaiah with them to the pool ALL afternoon. Which I realize as I type this makes no sense what so ever.  But it actually did. You will just have to trust me on that one. I will give up three matching buttons any day when it means Joe gets to study, Isaiah has fun with friends and I get to craft (with my girls)!  Thank you dear friend for that gift! It was a perfect afternoon/evening.


  1. CUTE!!!! I saw this the other day and pinned it. I plan to make one out of an old scarf of mine too, just haven't done it yet. I LOVE how yours turned out!

    1. You are being too nice! It's ok:) But I definitely want to see the one you create!