Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow Days.

Dad of the Year!

Yesterday and today have been "snow days" for Isaiah. As in NO SCHOOL! Which means this has been a ridiculously long winter break for him. (We took him out a week early for Mexico. Bad parenting. I know. And I don't care. It was a once-in-my-lifetime opportunity. I took it and ran.)

The snow isn't the reason school was cancelled. Although there has plenty of that around here. The schools are closed because of the temperature. Dangerously cold temperatures. As in not compatible with life temperatures. Yesterday it was -15. With the windchill it felt like -40. So we have been staying inside. Just staying warm...

And looming like a mad man...

And getting a little feverish...
Cabin fever that is:)

(Those are Isaiah's underwear. All 19 pairs of them! Why? I don't know. And I didn't ask.)

We are all ready for school to start again. We need a routine. We need time apart. Mostly we need to GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE and see people! All of which will happen tomorrow. Yay! 

(Yes. I realize this does not bode well for me homeschooling out of hotel rooms next year. And our plan very well could fail miserably. We shall see.)

Lastly, those sledding pictures were taken Saturday BEFORE the cold snap. We don't actually torture our children. 


  1. Didn't Isaiah put all his underwear on once upon a time?

    1. Yes!!! Funny. I had forgotten about that. I guess that is why I blog. So I can "remember" my children's childhood.