Friday, January 24, 2014

Ordinary day(s)

Since waking in a puddle (of urine...for the inquisitive minds) on Tuesday, my days have been quite normal. Ordinary, if I dare say so myself. And I mean that in the best way possible! The girls and I dropped Isaiah off at school (on time! without a struggle or fight!!!) and then we went grocery shopping with an actual list. Besides the fact that both girls were still in their pjs, I finally felt (and maybe looked?!) like I had it together once again. (Christmas break threw me for a loop and I have just now recovered! I realize Christmas was almost a month ago. I am slow to adjust I guess.)

Once we returned home we worked on a craft. Nothing too exciting or fancy. But it was fun to sit and enjoy my girls' company and create a Valentines decoration together. Then we had lunch. Leftover pasta and frozen peas. Hannah had speech therapy. And then it was nap/rest time. Charlotte and I completed the craft while Hannah slept. And finally it was time to pick up Isaiah from school. 

Ordinary stuff on an ordinary day.
While Charlotte and I were working side-by-side cutting and gluing hearts, she turned to me and exclaimed, "this is the BEST mommy!"  And I couldn't agree more.  

Sometimes ordinary days are the best.

The finished product.
And this week has been filled to the brim with ordinary. 

Rainbow looming. 
Polly pockets. 
Ignoring laundry. 
Scrubbing dishes. 
Cooking meals. 
Wiping faces (and bums:)
Reading stories. 
Sibling squabbles. 
And everything in between.

Just this morning the girls and I ran to Target (after dropping Isaiah off at school on time again!) for diapers and milk. What could be more ordinary than that? And then we made mini muffins. Which then lead to us having a tea party. In fancy dresses! Just an ordinary morning. 

I like ordinary. 

And before you think I have jumped off the deep end and joined the ranks of "my life is picture perfect", let me clarify a few things...

Hannah was in her pjs again this morning while we ran errands! Because apparently dressing all of my children and myself before 8:30am is just too much work for me:) She also screamed most off the time we were in Target. She wanted me to hold her which is near impossible while pushing the monstrosity that is the Target double kid cart! Many stares and dirty looks for us this morning.  (This third child has humbled me as a mother more than I ever thought possible in her short 17 months of existence!) Oh and the muffins? They came from a boxed mix. Half of them I burnt because I didn't hear the timer due to Charlotte's tantrum over which pretty dress she wanted to wear. And my Hercules-like toddler decided to rip the toilet seat off the toilet during the tantrum. And I do mean the entire toilet seat. Which revealed to me just how badly my toilet needed a thorough scrubbing! And that laundry has grown to the size of a mountain...

So yeah. Just ordinary life happening here. Sometimes it's picture worthy. And sometimes it's not. (Notice how I am not pictured at the tea party? That's because my yoga pants and t-shirt are on their second consecutive day of wear and most definitely not worthy of a picture.)


  1. Love it! As always, I laughed our loud :).

  2. After my day your ordinary day sounds wonderful.

    Very cute tea party!

    1. Yes. I would pick ordinary over puking kids ANY DAY!!!