Monday, September 2, 2013


We didn't go on an actual vacation. I took a little (unplanned) blog-cation just because. Because Joe was home ALL weekend. Because I was enjoying my family. And all this time we had together. It was fabulous. It was unexpected. Joe didn't know he had the weekend off until Friday night at 8pm. What a wonderful surprise! And to make it even sweeter the big kids have been getting along so well lately. Playing together. And using their imaginations! My favorite:) Just tonight they trained Charlotte's snake. Which also means they have been leaving Hannah alone much to her delight! There have only been a few reminders this weekend to "please get off your sister" and "let the baby go. Her screaming means she doesn't like it."

I did have to laugh earlier today when I overheard Joe and the big kids' interaction:

Charlotte: Isaiah stop talking!
Charlotte: Isaiah...Isaiah....ISAIAH!


Isaiah: Charlotte hit me!
Joe: Charlotte you may not hit your brother. Why did you hit Isaiah?
Charlotte: He wasn't talking to me. I wanted him to talk to me!

Oh boy! She is her mother's daughter! 
Like I said, they have been getting along better. Not perfect. But that's life. Real life


And this guy even scrubbed the dining room, kitchen and bathroom floors for me! Let it be known, that right there is true love! I really don't like having him gone at the hospital for hours, upon hours, upon hours with an unknown end time BUT when he is home...well...he has been making my life fabulous. Clean floors and all. Because we all know when my floors got any attention last:)

And now for even less exciting news, I am thinking about putting myself on a cleaning schedule. You know, like Monday is laundry day, Tuesday clean the bathroom, etc. We shall see. And on that snooze inducing note I will end:)


  1. "Her screaming means she doesn't like it." That makes me laugh out loud EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! :) I love your blog.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Sometimes I wonder why I continue to blog...but then I get a comment like this and it keeps me going:)

  2. That interaction between your kids is too sweet. I may have to follow more closely so I can see how this cleaning schedule works. I have always wanted to try one. Thanks for linking up your post with medical Mondays!

    1. Don't follow too closely...I am horrible at actually executing my plans:) We shall see...

  3. Snooze inducing note...I think not!! I love cleaning schedules. Maybe you should get on the same one as me and we can text about it! Kind of like accountability with cleaning!

    1. Hmmm. This sounds good to me. I definitely need accountability! All I know right now is that I want Monday to be laundry day and Friday to be floors. I need to fit in grocery shopping and bathroom cleaning somewhere in between...thoughts?! What is your current schedule?

    2. My current schedule is...
      Monday - Laundry
      Tuesday - Floors
      Wednesday - Office Work
      Thursday - Bathrooms
      Friday - Dusting/Cobwebs
      Saturday- Project Day

      I start the laundry on Monday and it trails into the rest of the week. I do floors on Tuesday because I like to have that done every week and my momentum is still going on Tuesday. Wednesday is playgroup so a sitting job is good for me that day. Then I chose bathrooms for Thursday because I think it is more important than dusting and cobwebs. Friday is the day that gets skipped the most so I put the easiest/least important job for Friday. Lastly, I am not a project girl so pretty much Saturday becomes my day off!!

  4. With four kids, everyday used to be laundry day, but now that they are all older, I've made them all responsible for their own laundry. Now Mondays are MY laundry day (which includes Doc H's). The rest of the week is just grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning the kitchen. I don't do floors, I don't do bathrooms, I don't do dusting. I have big kids and a cleaning service that comes every other week. I'm telling you the physical aspect of it becomes easier! :)

    1. I look forward to the day when we can afford a cleaning service! Lucky for us we can only afford a tiny rental home at the moment so the cleaning is manageable IF I would just stay on top of it:)