Friday, September 20, 2013

She toddles.

Finally! She is taking a few steps ALL BY HERSELF. And I for one think it is stinkin' adorable. 

And none too soon either. Because she has been extra whiny and needy this past week. I think her fussiness is due to frustration. Frustration in her lack of efficient mobility. Who really knows. 

Regardless it's a WIN for this girl. If the lack of walking was the cause of the fussiness then problem SOLVED! And if not...well at least I think she is extra cute so I will tolerate her shenanigans a little better. See? Winning. 

And because I am the mom and this is my blog, let me just add that this girl didn't just take a step. Nope she started out with 2-3 solid steps. She was rockin' this walking thing. I wouldn't go so far as to call her an actual walker. But it's a start. A solid one at that. 


  1. Good job Hannah!! Watch out world!

    1. Well since then she has refused to take more than a step at a time soooo the world doesn't have to look out quite yet:) It's like she knows I blogged about it or something and just wants to prove me wrong...