Sunday, September 29, 2013


Do you know what is worse than eating Cheerios or goldfish or animal crackers off the floor? 

I really wish I didn't know. But I do. 

Eating soggy, previously gummed up Cheerios, goldfish and animal crackers off the floor. Definitely worse. 
Yep. I just did it. Again. Will I ever learn?! Probably not. I mean I am the mom that once ate a partial graham cracker off of my infant son's changing the dark...without being 100% confident that it was in fact a brown cracker. 

[I went to the basement to put some laundry in and returned less than 5 minutes later to find my girls having a snack free for all on the floor - pictured above - with the snacks I had just put up...out of their reach! Or so I thought.]

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