Wednesday, September 11, 2013

5 Favorites.

Five of my favorite things at this moment. 
Ready. Set. Go....

1. These things. 
They are flushable diaper liners (for cloth diapers). And while "NO MESS" might be a slight exaggeration, they really are AMAZING. They have revolutionized the whole cloth diapering experience for me. In a good way. Oh and one smart momma informed me that if they don't get messy (ahem...poop filled) then they can be washed with the diapers and reused. I tried it. It works. And you better believe my frugal-loving heart did an extra happy beat with that discovery. 

2. This weather. Isaiah's school was cancelled today due to the heat. So the kids and I spent much of the day playing in the kiddie pool and pretended it was still summer. It was such a good day I got a little wild and had TWO sodas....Pepsi of course:)
[Sorry no poolside photos. I was sans digital devices. Diapers drying in the sun will have to suffice.]

3. Free family events. 
This was at our town's "Touch-a-Truck" event last weekend. We live in a pretty HCOL area and it is rare to find free entertainment. This one was a rare gem. Charlotte LOVED it as she has been insisting she is going to be a firefighter when she grows up. I keep trying to convince her to become a mommy no avail! It was all fun and games until someone hit her nap time wall...

4. I have been eating far too much of this...

As a non-chocolate eater I find it challenging to find a really good ice cream flavor. This one is a winner. Finding the right ice cream flavor and challenging in the same sentence?!? Yes clearly my life is a cake walk. Pun intended. 

Finally. 5. Is there anything funnier and sweeter than watching a baby fall asleep while eating? I think not. Here's the proof. 


  1. THANK YOU. I love cake-flavored ice cream with all of my heart, but my husband is constantly telling me that it's "gross" and I was starting to wonder if maybe I was the only one eating it. I'm glad to see I'm not alone! ;)

    1. You are not alone! That stuff is kids and husband do not agree with me though. Their loss is my gain! And at the rate I am enjoying it these days it is going to be a literal in pounds:)