Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mom shorts

Last summer I was hugely pregnant with Hannah. It was a really HOT summer. I was a hot, uncomfortable somewhat miserable mess! And even though I had not worn shorts since BEFORE I had Isaiah (i.e. 5 years), I was desperate for comfort, thus I welcomed my friend's offer of maternity shorts with open arms. And I squeezed my mom legs (and booty) into them...

And much too my delight they were comfortable, cool (temperature wise that is) and I actually felt somewhat cute in them! Ever since I have been itching to own a pair of shorts again. After baby #2 I had parted ways with ALL of my shorts assuming I would never revisit that particular clothing item again. Wrong. Sure my legs aren't what they were 6 years and 3 kids ago but they aren't TERRIBLE either. And shorts are comfortable and a heck of a lot cooler than capris. 

Which brings us to this morning. The girls and I went to Target for groceries. And possibly some leggings/tights to match a "new" dress of mine. (Thank you Em! I love hand-me-downs.)

First time riding in the double cart! That thing is a monstrosity and a beast to steer. But we managed:) Probably a little too well because I came home with two pairs of shorts, two dresses, two pairs of tights, and new sandals. All on clearance of course. However I did not try these items on at the store...I am not crazy enough to attempt wrangling two girls in a changing room. That sounds like torture. Needless to say one dress and one pair of shorts do NOT fit. Apparently I am a tad wider than I thought:) They will be promptly returned before they mock me further. 

The other shorts fit great and were a good price. But they got me thinking "I bet I could make these from something I own already...for FREE!" (I have way too many clothes. It is a problem.)


My mom shorts were created (while my girls napped). I love them! And you better believe I will be rockin' these bad boys and their 5 inch inseam until cool temperatures descend upon us. Just don't look too close because they definitely scream "homemade". 

(I saved the original cuff from the bottom of the pants and I am toying with the idea of adding them to the bottom of the shorts - folded up. Any thoughts!?)


  1. As a bonus your whole outfit matches the rug behind you!

    1. What can I say?!? I dress to impress:) Ok. Really that was just a weird coincidence. The girls have the best mirror for taking self portraits. Especially self portraits that exclude your disheveled, greasy mop of hair:) I even snuck in while they were napping to get the 'after' picture. That's how excited I was about my new shorts!

  2. Adorable just as they are! Also, where is this baby belly Charlotte speaks of?

    1. Thank you. I love them so much I wore them again today:) And the belly is there...notice the baggy shirt disguise?! Oh and I was sucking it all in of course!