Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My floors. My awful floors.

This purging thing is getting serious. And fun! I have been reading 'The Joy of Less' and feel so inspired. Almost every day I find more stuff to part ways with. Which means I will have less to pack and move in a year! Yay. 

I have never had such a pretty and unstuffed linen closet ever in my 10 years of marriage! Thank you Francine Jay and friend Sarah

Oh. And our family pictures...yep I love 'em. Meaning I enjoy gazing upon them and dreaming of just the right combination to hang on my wall right next to this sign...

Which ironically is the opposite of helpful in the purging department. Such is life. 

The kids and I went to the zoo yesterday. The FREE zoo. My favorite price. And it was great! So many animals. And the place was so pretty. Did I mention I found free street parking?!?

My husband says I am too much of a frugalist to become a minimalist. True. 

Ok. Ok. Focus. Back to the subject at hand. My floors. My floors are atrocious! They are a sticky, smeared mess. It is downright embarrassing. Really. I think Hannah could nutritionally sustain herself for a day or two if she just licked up the mess that is my kitchen & dining room floors. 

And yet I avoid them like the plague. Thus the continued purging, pictures and fun outings. Anything to keep my focus away from THE FLOOR! Oh sure I have continued to sweep it. But spot cleaning? Nope. Not a chance. It is just one HUGE spot. It is beyond spot cleaning! 

And my deep dark secret (in regards to the floors of course). I eat off of them. A lot. Gross. I know. But it's true. Because when the kids spill (or throw an entire meals worth of food down on the floor) the effort to go get the broom or vacuum just seems too great. Instead I simply kneel down and start snacking. So there you have it. The whole truth about my floors. More than you ever wanted (or needed) to know. 

So today I vow to get my sore I-pushed-three-kids-around-the-entire-zoo-and-went-for-a-0.85-mile-run self down on my hands and knees and really scrub my floors! Or maybe I will just bathe my children. That seems easier:) Plus I can always have one of the children spill their milk at dinner tonight. That way the floors will get clean without me doing the scrubbing. Worked like a charm last time!

Hhmmmm. I wonder how my floors ever got so out of hand?! It's a mystery;)


  1. my floors are ALWAYS the last thing to be cleaned - so, maybe, if the house is lucky, they REALLY get cleaned about once a year... it's all good! :)

    1. Glad to hear I am in good company:)