Friday, September 13, 2013

Wild and crazy times. {Or not...}

This morning the girls and I did this...
Then this...
And lastly I pushed both of them in the basket...
And man. That was a workout! {I may have just discovered my winter exercise regime.} 

Then I sent them to their room with a full sheet of stickers with instructions to use them all up...on themselves! {It was a sheet of old scrapbooking stickers I was planning on tossing.} Because what I wanted was to snack by myself. Selfish I know. 

And it worked like a charm! I got to eat this...
in complete peace and quiet! And it was delicious. I was going to call it an early lunch but I decided I hadn't really eaten breakfast yet. Half a strawberry tossed on the floor by the baby and a few bites of leftover soggy toddler cereal does NOT count as a meal in my book. {Being a mom sure is glamorous!} So alas I called it breakfast. Tortilla chips & cheese, refried beans and a pepsi. Breakfast of champions!

Because quite frankly I wanted to be able to partake in our lunch too!
Toddler cooking is the best! Well and the worst too. But mostly the best:)

Oh and the stickers? A HUGE hit! See?
Hannah may have eaten one or two but no biggie! Nothing like the time Baby Isaiah ate my entire grocery list. I know for a fact he ate the entire came out whole:) Take a minute to let that one sink in. 

Happy weekend one and all! I may just go wild and change over my kids' wardrobes from 'summer' to 'winter'. T-shirts and shorts in 60 degrees do seem a little cruel. Here's to hoping my husband will be home a bit so that this job can be done {somewhat} efficiently without the "help" of the kids! Oh the excitement. 

Update: I posted too soon. Hubby is on trauma call this evening and has board review lectures to attend Saturday and Sunday. Yep definitely will be wild and crazy around here! Guaranteed. Cruel and unusual punishments might live on a little longer. We shall see. 

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