Monday, September 9, 2013

Dance mom

Saturday morning was Charlotte's first dance class. For days...actually weeks...beforehand she would ask daily...sometimes hourly...if it was "dance day"? Friday night she was SO excited she couldn't fall asleep until she and I had thoroughly discussed all aspects of her dance class. Her leotard. Her tights. Her ballet slippers. Her fellow dance mates. Her teacher. The music. Her three year old mind was running wild with anticipation and excitement. 

Not surprisingly she woke early Saturday morning. It was finally dance day! Charlotte excitedly dressed in the required ALL pink dance attire. Including the leotard and ballet slippers I had searched long and hard for. We even managed to pull her baby fine hair into a "bun" as was the required hair style of all dancers. 

And we were off! We arrived at the Park District building a few minutes early...for pictures of course:)

Seriously the cuteness is too much!

Class was to start at 9:10. We were slightly confused as to why we were the only ones in the dance studio. But we had fun playing around by ourselves. By 9:15 we were concerned. We trudged our troops to the front desk to discover that Charlotte's dance class had been cancelled. For the entire semester. Surely we had been contacted the front desk person insisted. Um no. I would have remembered that! She was appropriately apologetic. 

But an apology just wasn't going to cut it for me. Because my 'mama bear' had come out in full force. My little girl wanted to learn to dance. I had promised her a dance class. There needed to be dance class. Sorry wasn't good enough. I needed a solution that involved Charlotte dancing (and NOT in our living room). Because I certainly didn't want to break her little heart!

Thankfully the dance instructor entered the scene at this moment.  Miss Kim. She saw my distress and offered to help. She would allow Charlotte to join the 4 & 5 year old pre-ballet class that had not been cancelled. This class began at 9:55. This I could live with. Miss Kim said that if Charlotte did well she could continue for the semester. 

Charlotte may have been a foot shorter and a year younger than all the other girls but she couldn't have cared less. She loved it! She smiled the entire time! She was so enthralled with Miss Kim and the music. She stood there practically in a trance from all the excitement. 

And she passed the test! She held her own with the big girls and Miss Kim said she can continue in the class. This dance mom couldn't be prouder of her big little ballerina. 


  1. awww! so sweet! She makes one adorable little ballerina!

    1. Thank you. The cute factor was definitely SKY HIGH...I think she could have asked me for pretty much anything that morning and I would have given in just because she was such a sweet little ballerina:) Lucky for me she was happy with the sucker from Miss Kim.

  2. So jealous I don't have a little girl to take to dance! I grew up from the age of 2 in dance, and I really miss it! Hope she absolutely loves it!