Friday, September 27, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing...

[Warning: as the title implies I don't have much to share. In fact, I think I have used this title before...which should be a clear indication that I should just stop. But I won't and I didn't. So if you have anything...anything of remote importance to do, well I would suggest you do that instead. Save yourself the torture that is this post...]

Yesterday Charlotte woke up with seemingly hundreds and hundreds of words just needing to get out. This girl didn't stop talking ALL DAY. She pretty much had a non-stop one-sided conversation. And most of it was pretty cute. I wish I could recall more. But while her mind (and mouth) were running at 100 mph mine were NOT. I had stayed up waaaay too late the night before. Don't I always?  

This is what I can remember of the funny snippets from Charlotte:

-She walked 2 miles! (In reference to Hannah taking two of the teensiest baby steps ever. Gotta love her optimism!)
-My feet are grouchy. (First time wearing socks & shoes this season. I guess she didn't like the feeling.)
-This strawberry is too yucky. It is soury. Here mama. You have it. It's good for you. (Self explanatory. Thank you thoughtful child of mine.)
-You have a fat tummy mama. There is a boy baby in there. (She has been saying this one a lot lately. Not a favorite of mine for obvious reasons. She has started adding the statement that her tummy is fat too - which it isn't - so that eases the blow a bit.)

And baby sister? Well...

She is busy with regular one year old shenanigans and mischief. Loving life one mess at a time! Pants...only required in public, right?!

This might get a little wordy, but it had me cracking up. Last week before our trip to Wisconsin the kids and I were driving (somewhere) and talking about our friends we were planning on visiting. From the back of the van Isaiah very seriously informed me that his friends Morgan and Lily look exactly alike!

Me: What?! Morgan and Lily? Are you sure??
I: Yes mom. Morgan and Lily. They look exactly alike. 
Me: ...
I: They have the exact same face. They should be twins!
Me: Really? Morgan and Lily? They look...umm...different, buddy. Morgan has dark brown hair and Lily has blonde hair. Remember?
I: Well yeah. But their faces look like twins. They should be twins! Grant and Cooper look nothing alike. I don't even know why they are twins. Lily and Morgan should be twins NOT Grant and Cooper!
Me: ....

(Grant & Cooper are twins that do look alike. Not identical but like brothers...while Morgan & Lily DON'T!)

Oh kids! They really are funny sometimes. Moving right along...

Joe is many, many wonderful things. However he is not naturally complimentary. Ok is that even a word? Not sure. But what I mean by that is he doesn't dole out compliments. In fact he is a man of few words in general. And he only says things he really really means. 

And yet in the last couple of days he has been saying the sweetest things. Example #1: I overheard him telling his brother on the phone our plans to pack up all our stuff and hit the road as a family next year*, and he ended his explanation by saying, "I won't have much stuff but I will have everything I need with me." And then later that night (completely unprompted) he said to me, "I meant what I said earlier, if I have you and the kids with me then I have everything I need." Umm. Yeah. Pretty sure I will follow him to the moon and back if keeps saying sweet things like that!
Example #2: I recently hung the canvas prints from our family photos. They are displayed as a collage of sorts in the playroom - easily visible from the dining room. Yesterday he sat down to eat and studied the canvases. He then said to me "I really like those. You did a good job."  That right there was one of the best compliments I have ever received from him! Because #1) He prefers our walls bare and simple and #2) the only thing he likes less than taking family pictures is plastering our walls with family pictures!

I suppose that about covers it. Unless of course you want to know why I stayed up too late the other night?! I had a 31 party. Which was fun. But I am NOT a saleswoman so the entire process stressed me!  Like real stress over something so silly...selling bags! I definitely know that I did NOT miss my calling in life. That and I will never ever do one of those parties again. Don't get me wrong. I love 31 products and I love the fact that I "earned" free products by hosting the party. But it just is too much for me...

*Maybe I do have something to write about...our crazy traveling circus plans for next year:)


  1. I love love love how your family wall turned out! I mean love!:)

    1. Thanks friend. You should have family pictures taken...then you too could have a collage like this:) Fall pictures are really pretty...just sayin'...

  2. The story about Morgan and Lily will be one we will all never forget. CLASSIC! And yes, I agree, your family wall turned out awesome! I LOVE it!!

    1. I chuckle every time I think about Isaiah and his "twins":)

      Thank you! I really like the burst of color and fun it adds to the room. Plus I love looking at my family's smiling faces:) I even think it helps make the ugly 70s paneling look a little less AWFUL. Maybe?!? Probably just wishful thinking...

  3. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner link-up. :)'