Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yesterday was icecream day at Isaiah's school. How do I know? Joe texted me at noon to inform me (because he had received a notice informing him of such from the PTO's app). What exactly that meant I did not know. Where was the icecream? Was it for sale or were they giving it away? Was it during school or after school? What kind of icecream? Was I supposed to do something to sign Isaiah up for icecream? I did not know. And neither did Joe. 

It was then that we decided we really suck at this whole parents of a kid in school gig. Which we promptly realized was quite ironic considering we are pretty good at being students ourselves. We have essentially been students...oh let's see for....forever! We started dating in high school. Then we went to college together. Getting married after our sophomore year. {Yes we were just kids!} We managed to complete 4 years of college with 3 degrees between us. Then I completed 2 years of graduate school. During which time Joe went back to college to complete all the science pre-requisites for medical school. {He originally was a finance major.} And currently he is in his third year of medical school. So yeah, we are good at the student thing. {That and having babies. They are kind of like school souvenirs for us...we have one from each state we attended school in...NOT including high school:) }

But parents of a student? Apparently that is too difficult for us! Don't believe me? Earlier this year, I *thought* I had Isaiah all signed up for school lunches so I sent him to school empty handed. He wasn't signed up:(  My poor boy would have gone hungry if his sweet teacher hadn't noticed and scrounged up some food for him. And it took a few phone calls and several e-mails for me to finally figure out how to actually get him signed up for lunches! The second library day of this school year guess who forgot to return the book? This mom (well and Isaiah of course, but he is only 6)! Oh and last week when Isaiah had a SCHEDULED day off from school...yeah I didn't know about it until THAT day...when Isaiah informed me that it was a "stay at home" day! Clearly rocking this school thing. 

I shouldn't be so surprised that I am so bad at this. Last year, I read the email from Isaiah's kindergarten teacher requesting I send in a birthday treat and Isaiah's favorite book to be read to the class the day AFTER his special day! {In my defense, he has a summer birthday and she had arbitrarily chosen his day.}

Not only was yesterday icecream day but it was also a classmate's birthday. His parents sent "treats". Notebooks and cool pencil packs for everyone! Isaiah promptly decided to make his a journal. So he can write down everything he did every day. Totally his idea. I promise. Here is his first entry:

Oh and icecream day? Isaiah informed me that it is for sale for $2 immediately following lunch. He enthusiastically told me the icecream treat options are: Sponge Bob, sour kids, 3 colored Popsicle or a chocolate bar. He of course did not have $2. But he said that was ok because he just liked looking at them. And when he looked at them he could imagine how they tasted. And clearly (from his journaling) he liked icecream day! Oh the sweet innocence of a six year old. How can I keep him this way forever? Completely oblivious to the fact that his parents are clueless and if we just had our act together he could bring $2 to school and actually taste the icecream!

The new class? Well that is his 'Mixed Media' art class he is taking through the rec department. We figured it was only fair since Charlotte is in dance:)

Last night the last words out of Isaiah's mouth were, "I can't wait for tomorrow so I can write all about it in my journal!"
I know the feeling buddy:) In fact this morning he started today's journal entry before school. However he only got as far as the date. Clearly nothing note worthy had happened yet. I have entire days like that...and yet I manage to ramble on and on and on. The Archives are filled with those days. 


  1. This was a good one. I can totally hear Isaiah talking about the ice cream day experience. I hope he keeps up with his journal...soon he will be asking you to take pictures for his journal.

    1. Today was his third day journaling! They all start with "I had a good day". I love his new hobby too:) If he asks for pictures I am in trouble! I better just have him create illustrations:)

  2. What a sweet boy! I love that he found joy in just looking and imagining what the treats tasted like. Seriously cute!

    1. I wish there was a way to keep him sweet and innocent forever...every year he seems to lose a little of that as he is becoming a a real big kid! Enjoy that little big boy of yours! (I know. I know. Easier said than done at times:)