Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ta Da!

I finally did it. I created a new dress from my misfits. My girls and I stayed up way too late last night sewing and chatting. My friends, not my little girls. Just to clarify. So of course I had to wear it to church today! And I love it. So comfortable and cute if I dare say so myself. 

Joe and I each dressed one of the girls this morning. Afterwards I realized they were both wearing outfits I had made them - or at least parts of their outfit! So naturally we had to take a picture together. And thanks to a little candy bribery (for the big one) they were willing participants. 

The "homemade" details:
Hannah: white leggings (made from an old tank top of mine)
Me: the dress (too tight t shirt + too big white dress). The necklace is NOT homemade but I love it. It is from my newest obsession - Charming Charlie. It cost me a whopping $3! It is not thee necklace I was dreaming of. But $3 vs $20 was a no brainer!
Charlotte: headband (plain band + felt flowers I created). Dress (ill fitting white tank top + fabric from a woman's XL skirt + rick rack)

And now because my boys looked so handsome today too...
Nothing homemade on them though:)

Remember how I have been working with Charlotte on learning to use her hands appropriately? Well last night in the bath I saw her push her sister down. I asked Charlotte why she was hurting her sister.

Her response: I was helping her sit down momma. 

Well played child. Well played. 

***Disclaimer: I do not make many clothes for the kids and I. Occasionally I like to repurpose items. I do not use patterns. Sometimes I will use an online tutorial. Most of the time I just try something to create the vision I have in my head. And most the time they don't work. And when they do "turn out" they are usually a little kiddiwompus and obviously homemade. But I like trying. I enjoy the process. And when they do work...well then I am happier than a pig in mud so I just have to share them with the world. Don't think I am Martha Stewart or anything. Because I'm not. Far far from it. 


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    1. Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised that it actually worked.