Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dance Mom, part 2

Earlier this week I told my husband I was dreaming about Saturday morning when I got to be the Dance Mom that dropped off her little ballerina and then spend the next luxurious 45 minutes peacefully reading a book on a comfortable little couch.

Like these moms. 

Clinic hours on the weekend meant my dreams would remain just a dream a bit longer. Instead I was the Dance Mom that was wrangling the little ballerina's siblings for an impossibly looooong 45 minutes trying to maintain a facade of calm, cool and collected. 

That isn't a smile. Don't be fooled. Do you know how hard it is to play Legos while simultaneously trying to keep a screaming and very mobile one year old within a reasonable distance of yourself and out of the dance studio?!? Darn near impossible.  Why OH WHY they chose to leave the studio door open this week? I do not know. Probably just to augment my aging process. 

My husband chose the last 60 seconds of class to call and "check to see where we were" - the exact same moment that Isaiah decided to try to make his escape out the NOT AN EXIT back door - and for good measure Hannah shoved her fingers in the door jam. You can only imagine how that went. Swimmingly of course. 

But it wasn't all doom and gloom. My husband was calling to inform me that he was DONE for the day! Hurray. So I quickly gathered my little darlings and hustled them on out. Of course I first stopped and pretended to listen to Miss Kim's report on what the little ballerinas learned this week while simultaneously giving orders to the children to "move it" through gritted teeth.  Why the hurry? 


Daddy took the big kids to the Home Depot Kids Workshop! [Side note: if you have young kids AND live near a Home Depot you really should check out their once a month FREE kids workshop. Just my unsolicited 2¢] Which meant Hannah and I got some quality alone time that did not involve screaming...for either of us:) 

And guess what I realized on my drive home? My case of the Saturday morning crabbies was only partially due to the fact that dance class is pure chaos for me and my offspring. The bigger culprit? The fact that I did not shower this morning and I felt gross because of my greasy hair. Silly but true. I scrubbed my floors yesterday so I knew it wasn't that!

 Off to wash my hair and become a better mother in the process...or maybe I will just spray it:)


  1. My floors and hair are both semi clean....I am pretty sure my crabbys are from the weather. The blowing rain for the last 48 hours. I miss the sunshine.

    1. Oh and I do have dreamy picture of being a dance mom. I also thought play group meant that the kids played and moms sat around and chatted.

    2. Ha group and relaxed mom time. That made me laugh! The only play groups like that are when each mom has one infant and that infant is non mobile! Otherwise playgroup is just barely managed chaos!

  2. I guess I completely issued the boat on relaxed playgroup. I never had just one infant and all my friends had older kids running around by the time my two came along. The chaos of playgroup keeps me going and looking forward to it!

    1. I am going to assume you meant "missed the boat" and blame autocorrect! Am I right?